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Boats Arrive to “it’s a small world” at Disneyland Paris as Spring 2023 Reopening Approaches

Note from April 5th – “it’s a small world ” at Disneyland Paris will reopen May 5th, 2023! Read more here.

Hi everyone!

“it’s a small world” at Disneyland Paris is scheduled to reopen this spring, and boats have been added to the water as we get closer to that reopening (no date has been announced). I actually photographed the boats back on March 9th and didn’t notice them in my photo thumbnails, but now what looks like green testing bags are inside the boats.

This is one of my photos from March 9th, with the boats lined up.

And yesterday, the green bags were in at least two boats.


Here is our video from yesterday, followed by more photos.

The bags are in every other row on this boat.

And here, they are in each row. I assume these are bags to test the weight of the boats.

We were among the last to ride “it’s a small world” when it closed for a lengthy refurbishment in November 2021. I don’t assume it will open in time for us this trip.

There are boats that look empty as well.

I last posted an “it’s a small world” update during our last trip in September/October 2022. It was nice to have a little sunlight yesterday for the exterior photos! It’s been mostly overcast so far this trip.

We will post when we hear more about an opening date for “it’s a small world” at Disneyland Paris!



2 thoughts on “Boats Arrive to “it’s a small world” at Disneyland Paris as Spring 2023 Reopening Approaches

  • We are told to plan months in advance for our visit to Disneyland Paris yet Disneyland Paris does not announce ride closures more than one month in advance. How can one plan appropriately then? This would be our toddler’s first visit and we were looking forward to It’s a Small World but, after months of planning, we are only now finding out the ride is closed. I am furious at this double standard Disney Corp imposes on us.

    • Hi James –

      it’s a small world has been closed for about a year and a half now for a major refurbishment and is getting closer to opening (no date has been announced yet though). You can find out ride closures on this page: https://www.disneylandparis.com/en-gb/calendars/park-hours/ (it is lower on the page)

      I hope you have a wonderful trip to Disneyland Paris.


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