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Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyland Paris Receives Updated Splashdown Effect During Refurbishment (Video)

Hi everyone!

Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyland Paris came out of a month-long refurbishment yesterday, and today it debuted an even better splashdown effect than we’ve ever seen! Our friend Steve Boutet sent along some video clips of this effect and Jeff put them together for the video below. Steve even shot some of the video while riding the Molly Brown.

We posted several Big Thunder Mountain refurbishment updates while we were at Disneyland Paris in March 2023. Big Thunder Mountain was down the whole time we were there. And yesterday, our friend Martin Smith from Martinvids.net sent along on-ride video from reopening day.

Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyland Paris is the best Big Thunder Mountain! It is a thrilling roller coaster attraction in Frontierland (the entrance is across from the currently closed Fuente del Oro restaurant, which is scheduled to reopen in June). I look forward to riding Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyland Paris again this fall. The attraction has some great effects and the extensive refurbishment looks great.

You can see the splashdown effect best from near the Molly Brown riverboat landing, and from the Molly Brown itself. Another of my favorite views is from Phantom Manor, before entering inside the attraction.

Thank you to Steve for the video!