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Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort Floral Arrangement Celebrates Easter 2023

Hi everyone!

Last week, we stopped by Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort to check out the gorgeous 2023 Easter egg display. I also noticed that the entrance floral arrangement is celebrating the holiday, with the look of an Easter basket and some delightful details.

The floral arrangement currently has a handle like a basket for Easter. The flowers in the center are shaped like eggs, with a hidden Mickey to the left. The egg to the right looks like it is opening.

Thumper can be seen in the middle and the hidden Mickey to the left.

The basket handle includes butterflies and a bow.

The hidden Mickey is in  purple.

Check out the back of the basket too! A pair of bunny ears can be seen.

The flower arrangement is gorgeous, including several colors of roses.

Here are a few more photos of Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort Easter floral arrangement.

Stop by Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort by Easter to check out the Easter egg display and floral arrangement!