Disney Park and Resort Photo Updates

EPCOT Construction Update from April 3rd, 2023, Including CommuniCore Hall, Plaza & Journey of Water

Hi everyone!

We took the monorail yesterday for another EPCOT construction update. Our last update was almost a week ago and I have more close-up photos this time around, including of the CommuniCore Plaza area and Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana.

Here are photos from yesterday of the EPCOT construction!

This area of the parking lot has been rumored to be a rideshare loop.

My first photo of the center of EPCOT was taken from near Spaceship Earth while on the monorail.

CommuniCore Hall is really coming along.

Here is a look toward CommuniCore Plaza in the concept art.

Dreamers Point will have the statue of Walt Disney.


And here are more photos as we head around the CommuniCore Plaza and CommuniCore Hall area. These are all supposed to be complete this fall.

There wasn’t any work going on at the time we passed by.

Next, we are looking at Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana.

My plan was to photograph the signage better this time. I did photograph a little more of it, but there isn’t a lot of time to take pictures of signs from the monorail.

The one sign I did capture last week is “The Water Cycle”. Now we can see  that it says that “Water Connects Us”.

There is also a sign for Sky.

This area looks so close to done, but is scheduled to open this fall.

There is a sign for Rain.

What I can see of the signage here is pretty close to… “You can get wet, but you don’t have to”. The lower sign says, “Learn about the water cycle and enjoy the water at a distance, or go ahead and get wet”.

From the ground, a lot has changed since our last visit. Because of the new walkway, it allows for more views.

Here is a look back at Spaceship Earth and CommuniCore Hall.

It will probably be another week or more before we ride the monorail again. Our last photo update came after a month away (we had been at Disneyland Paris) and a lot had changed in that time.