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Disneyland Paris to Release Newport Bay Club Hotel Collectible Key

Hi everyone!

Disneyland Paris announced two new collectible keys today. One is for the Newport Bay Club hotel, which includes the iconic lighthouse that is on the Lake Disney side of the hotel (as well as more of the hotel from the Lake Disney side). The Newport Bay Club is a gorgeous hotel! Collectible keys are so popular now at Disneyland Paris. The other collectible key announced is the Sleeping Beauty Castle Gallery key, which I will post in a separate article since they are very different keys.

There was no date given on either key (the keys were announced on the Pass Annuel Showtime! show), but this is just one item of many merchandise items coming for the Newport Bay Hotel!  Traditionally, Disneyland Paris collectible keys are very limited and tickets sold through the Lineberty app. When we get more information about this stunning key, I will post it.

I will post more about the other Newport Bay Hotel merchandise items in another article today. I assume Disneyland Paris will provide more information on both the keys and the Newport Bay Club merchandise in the coming days or weeks.