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Next Disneyland Paris Collectible Attraction Key to be Sleeping Beauty Castle Gallery

Hi everyone!

The next Disneyland Paris Collectible Attraction Key will be Sleeping Beauty Gallery (La Galerie de la Belle au Bois Dormant) inside of Sleeping Beauty Castle. Sleeping Beauty Gallery is upstairs in Sleeping Beauty Castle and features a walk-through with stained glass, tapestries and more (along with a balcony overlooking the castle courtyard). The box looks to be designed like the movie’s opening scene and says “La Belle Au Bois Dormant” (The Sleeping Beauty). You’ll see the spinning wheel is part of the design of the key.

There is no date given yet for the Disneyland Paris Sleeping Beauty Gallery Collectible Key, nor edition size or price. When we have those, I will post them. With the 31st Anniversary of Disneyland Paris coming on April 12th, I assume the key will release soon (the 30th Anniversary of the Sleeping Beauty Gallery was this year). Traditionally the Collectible Keys are very limited and sold through the Lineberty app (to be picked up in person).

There is also a Newport Bay Club Hotel Collectible Key that was announced today and will be coming soon

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