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Walls Now Down at Pizzeria Bella Notte “Luca” Themed Expansion in Disneyland Paris (Photos)

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The walls are down at the Pizzeria Bella Notte “Luca” themed expansion at Disneyland Paris! Our friends at Characters Photos Blog shared these photos today.

Pizzeria Bella Notte has been mostly a “Lady and the Tramp” themed counter service location. Now, the expansion will also bring guests to another area of Italy: Luca’s home town of Portorosso. The Pizzeria Bella Notte “Luca” themed dining room has taken over the former Fantasia Gelati location and it looks like it will open very soon.

Here is a look at two comparisons between then – as Fantasia Gelati – and now, followed by detailed photos from today. We almost never saw Fantasia Gelati open, not in recent years anyway.

This looks quite a bit like the concept art.

Disneyland Paris has said of this expansion,

Since its opening in 1992, Fantasyland is a vibrant homage to the European fairy tales and storytellers, a timeless place where the magic of animation meets the architectural styles and cultures of the countries they are inspired from. Pizzeria Bella Notte is no exception with its peaceful and romantic atmosphere which pays homage to various regions of Italy. This iconic restaurant features nods to the classic Disney stories “Lady and the Tramp” as well as “Fantasia” and will now be home to another classic that has charmed families around the world: Pixar’s “Luca.”

When the opportunity to expand the restaurant arose, Imagineers naturally thought about the fan-favourite sea monster to add to the variety of characters represented in the Park. This new themed area will bring a seaside atmosphere with lots of details and objects evoking the local fishing culture and cuisine that you can find in Luca’s home town of Portorosso, in addition to providing further space for guests to enjoy Italian specialties. 

Here are more detailed photos from today!


Thank you again to Characters Photos Blog for sharing these great photos with our readers. Check out their Twitter account and other social media for character updates.