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5 “Secret” Animals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park

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Disney has shared Five “Secret” Animals that you can find at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park. And while they aren’t really secret, they are easy to miss if you are focused on attractions, including the Kilimanjaro Safaris. The anteaters are always fun to spot because they always seem to prefer walking at the back of their enclosure.

First, here is the video provided by Disney and then Five “Secret” Animals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park (from the Disney Parks Blog).

How many of these animals have you spotted?

5 “Secret” Animals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

1. Kangaroos

While snapping a photo in front of the Tree of Life, you might be photobombed by a sweet, energetic kangaroo! Disney’s Animal Kingdom is home to two species of kangaroos including four western grey and two red. To get a better look, turn left at the Tree of Life photo area, and you’ll see the kangaroos to your right. The red ones have a white stripe on their face, which is how you can tell the difference.

5 “Secret” Animals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

2. American Crocodile

Over in DinoLand, you can find more than just dinosaurs! It’s also home to Marley, the American crocodile. You can find him making his way between water and land throughout the day to regulate his body temperature. Wondering how you can tell the difference between this reptilian species and their alligator cousin? Look at their snouts! American crocodiles have long narrow snouts while alligators have a wider, U-shaped snout.

5 “Secret” Animals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

3. Naked Mole Rats

Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail presented by OFF! Repellents is a great place to find big animals like hippos, gorillas and okapis, but it’s also home to one of our smallest animals: naked mole rats. You can find these little, pink rodents in the research center and, while they may look naked, they’re actually covered in very fine hair. Their hair is sensory and helps them navigate the dark, underground tunnels where they live. 

5 “Secret” Animals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

4. Southern Giant Anteaters

Before heading to Discovery Island, take a moment to enjoy The Oasis, located at the very front of the Park before you see the Tree of Life. It’s home to many unique animals, like the southern giant anteater. With their long, cylindrical snouts, anteaters have an incredible sense of smell, up to 40 times stronger than humans. They rely heavily on this sense because of their not too great eyesight.

Animal at Rafiki’s Planet Watch, 5 “Secret” Animals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

5. Animals at Rafiki’s Planet Watch

Did you know you can take a short and scenic train ride to visit a very special section of the park? Rafiki’s Planet Watch is one of my favorite “secret” spots at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and it’s the perfect place to spot some of our most lovable animals. I love the Affection Section, where you can say hello to Nigerian dwarf goats and kunekune pigs. At the Conservation Station, you can find reptiles like the Florida-native gopher tortoise, the desert rosy boa and the colorful splash-backed poison frog. If your timing is right, you may catch our animal health team caring for animals through an observation window at Disney’s state-of-the-art veterinary hospital.

Paroon Shark Catfish, 5 “Secret” Animals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Bonus: Paroon Shark Catfish

Got time to visit one more animal? Say hi to Bruce the paroon shark catfish near the Tree of Life Garden! These freshwater fish often spend their time in deeper water and can grow up to ten feet long.