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Phantom Manor to Close for Refurbishment May 9th (Reopening May 20th, 2023) at Disneyland Paris

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Phantom Manor at Disneyland Paris will be closing for refurbishment on May 9th, with a scheduled reopening date of May 20th, 2023. You can see the refurbishment calendar with the information at the Disneyland Paris website. It is a shorter refurbishment than the Big Thunder Mountain refurbishment that lasted most of March, but is still a big attraction to be down during a trip.

Photos by Denise Preskitt, Mousesteps

Phantom Manor may be our favorite ride at Disneyland Paris. If nothing else, it is the one we tend to ride the most.

From Disneyland Paris about Phantom Manor:

Tucked away in a corner of Frontierland stands Phantom Manor, once home to one of Thunder Mesa’s founding families. Local residents steer clear of the dilapidated house, claiming it to be haunted, but any intrepid Disneyland Park visitors who dare to enter will soon discover its terrible secrets.

The owner of the manor, Henry Ravenswood, cherished his only daughter, Melanie, who attracted the attentions of four different men… each of whom came to a mysterious and untimely end. Rumour has it that her father didn’t think any of them were good enough for his darling girl. In fact, some say he had a hand in the young men’s disappearances, but nothing has ever been proven. One thing is certain, the bride-to-be has been waiting many long years for her wedding day… and will likely wait for hundreds more!