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Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground Celebrates with a Halfway to Halloween Golf Cart Parade

Hi everyone!

Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground celebrated with a Halfway to Halloween Golf Cart Parade today! There were upwards of thirty carts entered and quite a few guests in our area waiting for the carts to pass by. Carts included “Alice in Wonderland”, “101 Dalmatians” and “Halloween”. It would be fun if the “Halfway to Halloween” golf cart parade became an annual event.

Here is our video and photos from today! And here is link to our 2022 Disney’s Fort Wilderness Golf Cart Parade article. We have been sharing the Fort Wilderness golf cart parades for a long time.

A golf cart with a ghost on top set the tone of the parade.

We see Mater a lot around Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground during holiday golf cart parades.

The back of Mater featured skeletons.


Next, the “101 Dalmatians” contingent included a guest on a motorbike and Cruella de Vil in her car. They were here during the Halloween 2022 Fort Wilderness Golf Cart Parade as well.

This cart is designed like the tram from the former Studio Backlot Tour at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Behind the cart is a flamingo on a golf cart.

The next one is themed to “Alice in Wonderland”, with the Caterpillar.

Two eyeballs top this cart.

Spider-Man drives by.

Michael Myers drives a “Halloween” themed cart.

And also a Michael Myers rides in the back.

The Blockbuster Video themed cart is back.

Lightning McQueen drives by.

There was also an alien themed cart

Some of the campsites also were decorated for Halfway to Halloween.

It was a fun afternoon, enjoying Disney’s Fort Wilderness Halfway to Halloween Golf Cart Parade and having dinner at P&J’s Southern Takeout.