More Halloween Merchandise Collections Coming to shopDisney on August 7th, 2023

Note 8/7 – Halloween merchandise has been added to shopDisney!

Hi everyone!

shopDisney will be adding a number of Halloween collections on August 7th, 2023. There is already some Halloween merchandise on shopDisney now, including Halloween costumes, “The Nightmare Before Christmas” items and other merchandise. But there is a lot more coming.

Here is a look at the preview photos from shopDisney!

We have seen all three of the Halloween items here at the Magic Kingdom from the Mickey Mouse Fab 5 Collection. In the photo, there is a Halloween Spirit Jersey, an ear headband and a Mickey Mouse Halloween Loungefly mini backpack (I really like the Spirit Jersey and Loungefly backpack).

Photos copyright shopDisney

I have already written up the Disney Hocus Pocus Collection by Harveys. We have a peek at one of the items here. This is sure to be an extremely popular collection!

The Disney Hocus Pocus Collection includes this trio of small plush figures. 

A Mickey Mouse Light-Up Jack o’-Lantern is also going to be extremely popular. UPDATE: This item is now to be available tomorrow (August 4th) at 8AM PT.

We saw this sweatshirt in the Magic Kingdom Emporium, it also includes Chip ‘n Dale in addition to Donald, Goofy, Mickey and Pluto in Halloween attire.

Also coming is the Frightfully Fringe Collection. This appears to include the return of ‘The Skeleton Dance’ carafe and glasses, and we will see what else materializes!

Check out our article with a full video of Halloween merchandise at the Magic Kingdom. I don’t know if everything will end up on shopDisney, but probably a lot of it will. There is quite a range of merchandise this year!

I will post about the various collections when they are released on August 7th, 2023 at shopDisney.


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