“Cooking With Magic: A Century of Recipes” Disney Inspired Cookbook Available for Preorder

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Disney: Cooking With Magic: A Century of Recipes from Insight Editions is scheduled to release on October 24th, 2023 and is available for preorder. There are over 80 recipes inspired by decades of Disney’s animated films from Steamboat Willie to the upcoming Wish as the Walt Disney Company celebrates 100 years. Insight Editions regularly publishes themed cookbooks (many of them Disney themed). Disney: Cooking With Magic: A Century of Recipes is written by Brooke Vitale (the author of more than 100 books), food writer Lisa Kingsley and food stylist Jennifer Peterson.

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Disney: Cooking With Magic: A Century of Recipes

Celebrate your love of classic Disney animated films and make your kitchen magical with this comprehensive cookbook, inspired by beloved Disney films from 1937 to now, including Fantasia, Mulan, and more!

Experience delicious dishes inspired by your favorite Disney animated films from 1937 to now with Disney: Cooking Through the Decades! Featuring Disney’s classic films like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Encanto, fans will delight in the enchanting, easy-to-prepare recipes in this cookbook, from magical main courses to delectable desserts.

Featuring beautiful full-color photography, helpful cooking tips, and recipes ranging from simple to advanced, this cookbook is perfect for home cooks of all skill levels. Filled with delicious recipes inspired by beloved Disney films over the decades, this cookbook is a must-have for adult Disney fans and is the perfect way to bring friends and family together with a little Disney magic.

BRING THE WORLD OF DISNEY INTO YOUR KITCHEN: Relive iconic mealtime moments from Disney films with food inspired by scenes from The Aristocats, Treasure Planet, and more

80+ RECIPES: With over 80 recipes inspired by classic Disney animated films, there’s something to delight everyone

FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS: Perfect for adult home cooks of all skill levels, this book has easy-to-follow recipes and everyday ingredients, making it perfect for every occasion

INSPIRING IMAGES: Full-color photos of completed dishes help ensure success!

DISHES FROM AROUND THE WORLD: Discover Disney recipes from all over the globe with dishes from Europe, the Middle East, and more!

GREAT GIFT IDEA: Perfect for every occasion, Disney fans will adore this deluxe cookbook

ADD TO YOUR DISNEY COLLECTION: Pair the recipes in Disney: Cooking Through the Decades with dishes from Insight Editions’ charming line of Disney cookbooks, including Disney Enchanted Recipes Cookbook, Disney Villains: Devilishly Delicious Cookbook, and Disney Princess: Healthy Treats Cookbook

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