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We Meet Figment at EPCOT with a 10 Minute Wait (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

We were at EPCOT yesterday and one of our stops was the Figment meet and greet. Figment debuted in September to multi-hour waits. Yesterday, we waited for about 10 minutes in the morning.

Here is a look at our Figment meet and greet experience!

We arrived to the Imagination pavilion at nearly 10:00 a.m. Figment started meeting an hour earlier.

There is a sign to meet Mickey (who we also met, with Minnie in their 100th Anniversary outfits) or to meet Figment.

The Figment meet and greet is at ImageWorks, where Vanellope was previously.

There was a line, but it was pretty short.

Animations of Figment are on a screen.

Figment arrives and departs out of the Dreamport tunnel.

After 10 or 11 minutes, we met Figment! Jeff met him years ago during the “Figzilla” meet and greet, but Figment looks quite a bit different now. Jeff and I have both been visiting EPCOT since it opened in 1982 and so this was pretty cool for us.

Here is our video with Figment, followed by more photos.

Figment meets with a backdrop that includes the Dreamcatcher with Dreamfinder.

Figment does have a PhotoPass photographer.

Here are a few more photos of Figment!

Currently, the times to meet Figment are to and to