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Disneyland Paris Celebrates “The Marvels” With Ms. Marvel Meet and Greet, Flerkitten Magic Shot and More

Hi everyone!

Disneyland Paris is celebrating “The Marvels” with a Ms. Marvel meet and greet in Avengers Campus, a Flerkitten Magic Shot, and special limited-edition cocktails at the Skyline Bar in Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel.

Read below for more information on the Ms. Marvel meet and greet and more!

With Marvel Studios’ new movie, The Marvels, landing in cinemas on 8th November, now’s the perfect time to team up with Super Heroes for an epic experience at Marvel Avengers Campus and Disney Hotel New York® – The Art of Marvel. This is your chance to discover your power and experience the energy of this cosmic adventure at Disneyland Paris.

For the first time ever at Marvel Avengers Campus, you can meet Ms. Marvel as she finally fulfills her dream of meeting her own hero, Captain Marvel – you’ll love seeing them together!

You can take a Magic Shot with one of the Flerkittens – the cute alien cats with an appetite for everything! So, watch where you put your snacks… and bags.

And you can even recharge with limited-edition cocktails inspired by The Marvels’ super powers and cosmic mix-up. They’re called Photon Blast and Cosmic Entanglement – did we mention they’re delicious?

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