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Disney Electrical Sky Parade Drone Show to Kick Off Disney Symphony of Colours at Disneyland Paris (Concept Art, First-Look Video)

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The Disney Electrical Sky Parade drone show will kick off Disney Symphony of Colours at Disneyland Paris on January 8th, 2024. The show looks like it will be AMAZING!

We have new concept art to share as well as this video. Producer of live entertainment Ben Spalding and show director from Disney Live Entertainment Mabrouk Reguigui talk about the new drone show, which pays tribute to the Main Street Electrical Parade. They were challenged to make it look like the floats moved, even if the show “takes place in one single place”. They worked with Dronisos, the technology provider for all drone shows at Disneyland Paris. And they talk about how pyrotechnic effects will be added onto the drones! Spalding says it’s “an extra level of magic” before then adding, “extra, extra magic”, including the pyro looking like pixie dust effects in the sky.

Watch the video and read more below about Disney Electrical Sky Parade drone show from Disneyland Paris!

Starting January 8, 2024, life will be as colourful and joyful as in a movie at Disneyland Park! Over the first few weeks of the new year, Disneyland Paris will gradually introduce a series of exciting experiences that will add colour to cloudy winter days: Disney Symphony of Colours. This programme includes a new nighttime drone sequence, a new daytime show and brand-new decorations!


Starting January 8, 2024*, Disney Symphony of Colours will kick off with a bang for guests, with Disney Electrical Sky Parade, giving them the chance to discover a nighttime drone parade in the sky! 

This feat will be made possible through an exceptional new nighttime show combining synchronised drones, video projections, lights and fountains across Sleeping Beauty Castle.The sky wil be transformed into a palette of colours, thanks to the vibrant illuminations above the castle

This novelty will pay dazzling tribute to the Main Street Electrical Parade, a nighttime spectacular that marked the history of Disneyland Paris when it was staged in Disneyland Park between 1992 and 2003. Disney Electrical Sky Parade gives nostalgic fans a chance to relive their childhood, and younger fans the opportunity to discover this iconic Disney Parks experience in a brand-new, never-seen-before format.

Screen capture from video

Up to 500 drones will parade across the night sky in the form of illuminated floats, symbolising the various icons of the Main Street Electrical Paradeincluding Mickey Mouse and his friends’ dazzling train, Elliott the adorable dragon and Cinderella’s carriage. The unforgettable electro-syntho-magnetic music, which has been remixed for the occasion, will once again set the tempo for this spectacular festival of nighttime magic.

Until September 30, 2024

Screen capture from video

To develop Disney Electrical Sky Parade, the Disneyland Paris Entertainment teams have once again collaborated with Dronisos, official technology supplier of Disneyland Paris and European leader in drone shows based in France, United States and Middle East. This breathtaking new show will follow in the footsteps of recent nighttime productions such as Disney D-LightAvengers: Power the Night or the incredible Bastille Day drone show performed on 14 July 2023.