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Gaylord Palms ICE! Featuring “A Charlie Brown Christmas” 2023: 60 Photos & Video From Our Visit

Hi everyone!

Gaylord Palms ICE! featuring “A Charlie Brown Christmas” has begun for the 2023 season! 35 artisans from Harbin, China carved 2 million pounds of ice (6000 ice blocks) over 33 days for the 52-day run of the show. Gaylord Palms ICE! featuring “A Charlie Brown Christmas” runs through January 3rd, 2024 as the centerpiece of the entire Christmas at Gaylord Palms event.

ICE! at Gaylord Palms Resort debuted in 2003, making this 20 years since it began. While ICE! has remained fairly constant through the years, the Christmas at Gaylord Palms offerings have changed a lot.

We have a full video tour as well as 60 photos that I took during our stay. Gaylord Palms Resort did invite us out as they have for the past 12 or so years to cover the experience.

ICE! featuring “A Charlie Brown Christmas is a walk-through of colorful ice rooms, including a newly redesigned ice slide room (with a couple of new, faster slides as well as the usual ones). I recommend wearing a hat, gloves, heavy socks and a sweater. A blue parka is given to wear during ICE!. I like to be bundled up so I can enjoy the experience longer – it is like walking through a beautiful art exhibit that is freezing cold – approximately 9 degrees, give or take a few degrees.

Here are 60 photos of ICE! featuring “A Charlie Brown Christmas with minimal text.

Guests are told to not touch, lick or sit on the ice.

This is the entrance to the ICE! tent.

ICE! featuring “A Charlie Brown Christmas” was shown at Gaylord Palms in 2016 but it isn’t exactly the same in 2023. Here are the walk-through photos!

This archway leads to the ice slide room.

And continuing on from the ice slide room.

Crystal clear ice is the hardest ice to make, and is what the very popular nativity scene is created from. The nativity scene has been part of ICE! since the beginning.

There is a variety of merchandise for ICE! at Gaylord Palms, some featuring Charlie Brown. And there is a wider variety of both dedicated Charlie Brown items as well as general Christmas merchandise (Gaylord Palms always does a wonderful job of curating interesting merchandise for the shop).

There is a variety of Charlie Brown themed plush to choose from.

There is an ICE! photo op here at Alpine Village outside of the exhibit.

Don’t miss walking through the gorgeous Gaylord Palms atrium. This is a photo from the room we were hosted in for two nights. It is the best view in the hotel, IMHO for the holiday season (it would be a “stage view room” for booking purposes). We watched the gorgeous lights from here, as well as shows below. There are about 3 million lights and more than 100 Christmas trees including the centerpiece 60-foot tree. The 4.5 acre atrium is always stunning for the holidays and you can even see alligators.

ICE! at Gaylord Palms is the centerpiece of Christmas at Gaylord Palms and is the #1 attraction of the Gaylord Palms seasonal activities that I would recommend. I will have an article in the coming days about what other activities I recommend for 2023.


Gaylord Palms Resort hosted us for ICE! and other aspects of Christmas at Gaylord Palms, all views are ours. We did and would go to ICE! if not invited, it is a yearly tradition for us.



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