(Photos, Video) Mickey and Minnie in New Very Merrytime Cruise Outfits on the Disney Dream

Hi everyone!

Mickey and Minnie meet on the Disney Cruise Line Very Merrytime Cruises in NEW outfits this year! We were invited to sail on the Disney Dream out of Fort Lauderdale and were offered a special photo shoot with both. Mickey and Minnie meet with guests separately in the atrium as do other characters like Goofy.

Here is our video and then photos of Mickey and Minnie in their Disney Cruise Line Very Merrytime Cruise costumes for 2023!

Mickey and Minnie look quite festive in their red outfits. Minnie’s dress has subtle dots to it on her skirt.

Minnie’s bow almost looks like a gift to be wrapped and a green bow detail near her neck. She also has other holiday detailing I will show closer a few photos down. Mickey looks like he has Christmas tree styling on his jacket.

Mickey and Minnie pose.

Minnie has green snowflake leggings that also appear to have stars and dots. There are various sizes of snowflakes. And her red shoes have what looks like a buckle.

On Minnie’s skirt is a holiday flourish, it looks like green holly. And you can see her dots closer here.

What do you think of Mickey and Minnie’s new costumes for the Disney Cruise Line Very Merrytime Cruises?


Disney invited us onto the Disney Dream for a Very Merrytime FAM, all views are ours. Jeff and I both have been sailing on the Disney Cruise Line since 1998. We recommend our sponsor MEI’s Mouse Fan Travel for booking a Disney Cruise.