“Wish” Valentino Popcorn Bucket and Star Sipper Now Available on Disney Cruise Line

Hi everyone!

The “Wish” Valentino popcorn bucket and Star sipper are now available on the Disney Cruise Line. We are currently sailing on the Disney Dream and noticed both (among other popcorn buckets and sippers available) at the Buena Vista Theatre, where movies are shown. Disney’s “Wish” released on November 22nd and is currently playing onboard.

The Valentino popcorn bucket and Star sipper have recently been released at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

Here are photos and prices for each!

Valentino features a lanyard that includes illustrations of him on it, and says “Wish”. Valentino is Asha’s pet goat.

The adorable Star sipper features a purple lanyard with the luminous character on it.

The Valentino popcorn bucket costs $20.00 on the Disney Dream with refills of $1.50 while onboard. The Star Sipper costs $15.00 with any Coca-Cola beverage. Both together cost $30.00.

They are among a number of popcorn buckets and sippers available on the Disney Dream, including the Mickey holiday popcorn bucket and Donald Christmas tree sipper. There is also a selection of drinks including beer and wine at the Buena Vista Theatre.

“Wish” is playing in the Buena Vista Theatre on the Disney Dream, but tonight it will also be playing in the large Walt Disney Theatre in lieu of a production (since it is Pirate Night).  We have not seen “Wish” yet and I look forward to it!

Movies also currently playing in the Buena Vista Theatre include “Elemental” and “The Marvels”.