Disneyland Paris

Video: Big Thunder Mountain POV Ride with Snow at Disneyland Paris

Hi everyone!

Disneyland Paris was covered after an overnight snowfall a few days ago. And while Big Thunder Mountain didn’t reopen that day, it was open yesterday (January 19th) and we have video that includes a snowy POV ride. The video also includes a look at some of the queue and exterior, as well as seeing a train pulling into the station with snow-covered tracks.

Big Thunder Mountain has been closed quite a bit over the last couple of days, so I am happy we were able to ride it.  And remember, Big Thunder Mountain will be closed for refurbishment from January 29th with an expected reopening date of March 16th, 2024.

Here is our video, followed by a handful of photos. We have been posting other videos and articles about the snow as well.

Here are some of our photos!

Big Thunder Mountain itself has been covered in snow.

A train pulls into the station, with snow-covered tracks.

A train heads by while we were riding.

Phantom Manor can partially be seen in the distance.

And here are more photos from on the ride.

Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyland Paris is – by far – the best Big Thunder Mountain attraction in the Disney parks. This version actually goes under the Rivers of the Far West, which makes it even more thrilling.

It has been really nice to experience snow again at Disneyland Paris! But we are also looking forward to the temperatures warming up in the coming days.