Disneyland Paris

‘Mary Poppins’ Penguins Build a Snowman at Disneyland Paris (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

Disneyland Paris was covered in snow yesterday after an overnight snowfall! While some of it had melted by the afternoon, there was still fun to be had. Several ‘Mary Poppins’ penguins decided to build a small snowman. We have photos and video to share.

First, here is our video of the penguins. It was fun walking around the park and then see them near the Castle stage.

And here are our photos!

When we arrived, one of the penguins was making a large snowball. Another looked a bit baffled.

The penguin continued to make his snowball.

He lifted it in the air.

He carried it over to the other penguins.

One of the other penguins had a smaller snowball, which they put together to make a snowman!

They continued to the unite the two snowballs.


One of the penguins carried the creation over to the ledge.

And he looked over what they had made.

He then brought it to the trash can for photos.

The penguins posed with their snowman.

Mary and Bert dropped by as well.

Mary and Bert were roaming while posing for photos. Jeff was able to have a photo with them.

We also posed for photos with the snowman.

It was great fun yesterday to find a snowy Disneyland Paris, and the characters made it even more of an enjoyable experience. There was still quite a bit of snow in the park today and I think it won’t be until Sunday where most of it melts away (once the temperature warms up a bit).