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A Look Inside ‘My Royal Dream’ in the Disneyland Hotel at Disneyland Paris

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My Royal Dream is a fairytale makeover location inside the newly reopened (and reimagined) Disneyland Hotel at Disneyland Paris. I lucked into a quick little tour, so I can share that with you. My Royal Dream is currently a Disneyland Hotel guest exclusive except for reservations already booked prior, although that could change again at anytime.

My Royal Dream is actually inside the Royal Collection Boutique. I stopped by to collect a prize from the Discovery Quest game but the Cast Members thought I was there to be made up for My Royal Dream. It was pretty amusing at the time. But I said I had written about My Royal Dream and they gave me a quick look around since it wasn’t busy. This experience is an additional cost and I will talk about that.

There is a door that says Royal Tailor Salon. You can also go into the door that says Royal Collection Boutique.

There are a variety of costumes and accessories in this part of the shop. Ahead is My Royal Dream.

The Royal Tailor Salon theme continues here, and guests will enter if they have an appointment for My Royal Dream.

There is a small hallway with costumes that kids can choose from.

While adults can have a makeover and photo for My Royal Dream, the costumes are only in sizes for ages 4 to 14 years. I don’t know what the correlates to in sizes. There is only one costume for boys right now, and I was told they hoped to change that soon.

The Royal Beauty package costs 95 € and comes with a makeup session, hair styling, photoshoot with a professional photographer and a souvenir framed photo. This is for kids or adults.

The Royal Makeover is 190 € and also includes a costume and accessory in addition to everything above.

The Royal Makeover Signature is 440 €. It was not yet available because they were waiting on another Premium costume (I believe a Cinderella costume). In addition to the makeup, hair and photo shoot, it will include nail art and the Premium costume with accessories.

There is just the Prince Phillip costume for boys currently. We did see this costume being worn around the Disneyland Hotel.

Costumes for girls include a Princess Aurora costume.

And there is a Cinderella costume, as well as for Belle and Rapunzel. Currently all of these characters except Rapunzel are present in the hotel for meets, but we should see Rapunzel there soon (or soon-ish).

There are several rooms in the back.

I was shown one makeup room, and I think there is at least one more for makeup and also for photos (from what I understood).

This is where the magic happens to turn kids (or adults) into royalty. There is a makeup chair, and also a full length mirror.

Outside of this room, a Belle dress was featured. Above it, Flora Fauna and Merryweather work their own magic.

These are small sculptures, nestled among the theme of books that is prevalent throughout the Disneyland Hotel.

There is measuring tape, spools and a pin cushion. Under glass, scissors and more spools.

I was shown the Premium Belle costume. I am not sure why they aren’t starting the upgraded experience yet, but at some point they will.


The photo frames were cardboard, and I believe the premium experience came with a little heavier cardboard frame (these were nice and include the iconic Disneyland Hotel clock tower in the design).

Before we left for Disneyland Paris, I had checked on reservations for My Royal Dream in case I wanted to share how it worked (it was never available). Disneyland Paris says the only way to book this experience is on the app.

Check out all of our Disneyland Hotel articles, and I will be adding more in the coming days and weeks. We were in the Disneyland Hotel for four days, dined at Royal Banquet (twice); La Table de Lumière; booked the Deluxe room with terrace and also were part of our friends’ Superior Family room reservation a couple of days later. We experienced a lot of the royally reimagined Disneyland Hotel.

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