(Photos, Video) We Meet Ember & Wade from “Elemental”, Luca & Alberto from “Luca” for Pixar Fest 2024

Hi everyone!

We are attending the Pixar Fest media event and had early meet and greets with Ember and Wade from “Elemental” and Luca and Alberto from “Luca”! We have photos and video to share.

While we met the characters at Club Pixar in Disney California Adventure, they will actually be at Pixar Pals Playtime Party in the Fantasyland Theatre during Pixar Fest, which runs from April 26th through August 3rd, 2024.

First, here is our video with Ember and Wade. We will have more with them in the coming days as well.

And here are our photos!

Ember and Wade posed with the Pixar backdrop behind them.

“Elemental” is one of my favorite Pixar animated films.

Ember and Wade touched hands.

The characters are new to the Disney parks.

Ember and Wade for Pixar Fest 2024

Next, we met Luca and Alberto from Pixar’s “Luca”.

Here is our video meet and greet with them.

Luca and Alberto are also new to the Disney parks. They are part of the “Better Together: A Pixar Pals Celebration” parade, along with Giulia (she does not meet).

Luca and Alberto wear their outfits from the film.

“Luca” is a gorgeously animated film about friendship.

We will have MUCH more in the coming days from Pixar Fest!

We were hosted for a media event prior to the kickoff of Pixar Fest, and we are otherwise here on our own to cover it for the remainder of our trip.

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