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Walt Disney Studios Park Construction Update From May 14, 2024 at Disneyland Paris

Hi everyone!

We have a Walt Disney Studios Park construction update, thanks to our friend Martin Smith from Martinsvids.net and Michelle. If you like walls, there are plenty to see around the park as a major transformation is taking place. Eventually – after World of Frozen opens – Walt Disney Studios Park will be known as Disney Adventure World. And Studio 1 will become World Premiere.

Here are photos of Walt Disney Studios Park from today!

Studio 1 closed late last month. It can be seen beyond the Fantasia fountain in the Front Lot.

Signs point to the entrance to the main area of the park.

Concept art lines the walls. Two of the photos appear to include Disney Cast Members in it. This is the World Premiere artwork, which replaces Studio 1. Disneyland Paris says about World Premiere, “After passing through the turnstiles, guests will be transported into a vibrant, contemporary open-air movie studio before becoming special guests of a glamorous film premiere in the heart of Hollywood on a starry night.”

Frozen Ever After artwork is here as well.

And this artwork features the promenade that also includes the Raiponce Tangled Spin and The Regal View Restaurant, which will offer princess dining.

Signs point the way.

Tower of Terror can be seen in the distance.

It was a bit of a rainy day today.

The Animation Celebration building is currently closed as “Frozen: A Musical Invitation” is on break through July 1st, 2024.

Studio 1 can be seen to the left.

Les Tapis Volants – Flying Carpets Over Agrabah is currently closed.

Walls line the area around Studio 1/Tower of Terror.

Walking into Toy Story Playland, Buzz Lightyear (Buzz l’Éclair) is behind a wall that blends with the Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop, which is closed through June 29th, 2024.

RC Racer can be seen in the distance.

The Super Diner and Tower of Terror can be seen in a wider shot.

Here is a look at the wall in front of Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop.

The ride is our favorite attraction to photograph World of Frozen from.

From the Cars Road Trip area, you can see construction going on at World of Frozen – barely.

Around Studio Theater (where “Togther: A Pixar Musical Adventure” is currently taking a break through its June 8th return), walls can be seen surrounding it.

It is time to leave the park, and walk through the line of walls.

The Walt Disney Studios Park water tower can be seen in the distance.

And we are just about to return to the Front Lot.

If you plan to visit Walt Disney Studios Park in the near future, definitely expect a similar experience.

There is a new show opening May 25th called Alice & The Queen of Hearts: Back to Wonderland. That should be a fun addition to Walt Disney Studios Park!

Thank you to Martin and Michelle for sending the photos to share with our readers.

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