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Review: Epcot’s Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar in Italy Pavilion Offers Solid (but Pricey) Small Plates & Drinks

Hi everyone!

Jeff and I were in Epcot a few days ago when he suggested dinner at Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar, one of the only dining venues we have not tried in Epcot. After seeing at Via Napoli had a long line (Via Napoli was also an option, it is one of our favorite Epcot restaurants), we went to the Tutto Gusto hostess stand and were immediately seated.

We have been inside Tutto Gusto to look around previously, it is a small wine bar with a variety of different seating options. Tutto Gusto is inside the same building as Tutto Italia, added a few years back.

We entered through a different door, but the main lobby enters both into Tutto Italia and Tutto Gusto. Tutto Gusto isn’t a venue that seems very handicapped accessible, I recently spent 6 weeks running around the parks in wheelchair and scooter (I have to use the scooter in the parks still, but can now walk into a restaurant), and this location is pretty tight.

From this door, the first thing guests see (besides a few tables) is the bar. There is a nice selection of beers and wines.

There were two different wine flights offered on this standing card. One offered 3 pours (2 ounce) for $25, this side offered the Grand Tour for $28. Our server told us it was a much better value for $3 more, and we ordered it. It still costs nearly $5 for each 2 ounce pour, but we paced ourselves through the meal.

Most of the time, the room we were in was packed. A couple had just left the couch in front of us, which was similar to what we sat on.

The restaurant is dark, and taking photos without a flash was a challenge (one that I eventually gave up on).

Our wine flight arrived on two different trays, and ranged from prosecco to a sweet moscato, which is all I really liked of the 6. Jeff enjoyed more of the samples than I did. I forgot how much I enjoy moscato wine!

Tutto Gusto, like Spice Road Table, specializes in small plates. We decided to try three of them: Meatballs Parmigiana ($12), Meatball Sliders ($11) and Ravioli di Ricotta ($16). Tutto Gusto does take Tables in Wonderland, or else our final meal total with tax and tip would have topped out at $100. Tutto Gusto does not take the Disney Dining Plan.

The Meatballs Parmigiana dish was wonderful. Tutto Gusto does not skimp on the cheese, and the meatballs were delicious and topped with a piece of bread. This dish and a drink would make a very nice meal for me.

Jeff said that if I liked the last dish, I would really love the Meatball Sliders. I still like the Meatballs Parmigiana better, but I have no complaints about the slider – and you can see that cheese just oozed from inside the bread. Two sliders come with the dish.

The Ravioli de Ricotta was Jeff’s favorite item. Inside the ravioli is chicken, pancetta and parmesan. The cheese flavor was too heavy for me, and I let Jeff enjoy most of the dish.

Here are our all three dishes and drinks. Each item was heavy enough to be a meal on it’s own – the portions aren’t huge, but filling.

Our server brought some bread near the end of our meal to use with the leftover sauce. I’m not sure if this usually is brought early on.

The room we were in was very cozy, and there was a fireplace to our left.

We split a dessert, the Cannoli ($9). It was nicely presented, but not exceptional in any way.

Near the bar, different desserts and foot items are presented in a case. Here is the Cannoli.

Caramel Budino.

Strawberry with Mascarpone.

Chocolate Panna Cotta.

Nutella Chocolate Cake.

Asparagi Bianchi.

Insalata di Mare Trapanese.




Olive Finocchio E Arance.

Bruschetta di Capri.

This may be my favorite area of the restaurant, with the face of a lion on the wall.

All in all, we enjoyed our meal at Tutto Gusto, but didn’t find our experience to be worth $100 (with our Tables in Wonderland card, it was just about $80 total including tax and tip after the discount). For comparison, we spent $100 at Dine with an Animal Specialist at Sanaa inside Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani Village, and felt that was a great value. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t go back to Tutto Gusto, but maybe I’d have the Meatball Parmigiana and an iced tea to keep the price reasonable (and not the cost of a week of groceries for us).  Tutto Gusto overall gets excellent reviews for it’s food and wine offerings.

We enjoyed sunset and some of the evening after Illuminations around the Italy pavilion. We won’t be trying the After Hours Wind Down at Epcot (which includes Tutto Gusto), I think we had a better selection of food and we spent nearly an hour after Illuminations taking photos in World Showcase. I’d rather be winding down outside than in an event. Here are some photos I took of and in Italy after Tutto Gusto.

We had a very nice evening in World Showcase, and found Tutto Gusto a pleasant experience – albeit a pricey one.