Disney Park and Resort Photo Updates

Downtown Disney Photo Update June, 2014 – Construction at Marketplace, Waterfront & West Side

Hi everyone!

We enjoyed seeing “How to Train Your Dragon 2” yesterday and ended up with a Downtown Disney photo update to share! So much looks different even since Car Masters Weekend, and I was surprised how quickly Mater and Lightning McQueen topiaries were removed. We were even stopped by a survey Cast Member and are supposed to get an email survey about Disney Springs  – she talked about what was coming (food trucks, restaurants, shopping, etc.) and asked if we could answer some questions. We look forward to seeing what the survey entails.

Now on to the photos!

From the West Side, you can see construction taking shape very quickly on the waterfront.

Walls line most of the way between the West Side and the Marketplace. Parking is still at a minimum (and will be until the parking garages open), especially tight at the Marketplace.

The food truck park should be opening in the near future.

Near the AMC Theaters Dine-In Theater, a Planet Hollywood employee takes reservations for the restaurant.

Planet Hollywood otherwise looks like it would be closed.

Signs and concept art hang on the walls.

We’ve had the opportunity to see “Planes, Fire & Rescue” during Car Masters Weekend. I can’t write a review for it yet, but the film is much more fun than the first.

Here is a closer look at the waterfront construction.

Work continues across from Paradiso 37.

Walls continue to and around Raglan Road, with quite a bit of concept art.

Raglan Road was showing FIFA World Cup games.

Following the green walls toward Fulton’s!

I love how future meets past here.

Construction at the Marketplace.

We are walking toward the LEGO Store.

Now we are heading around the store, to World of Disney.

This is the way to the LEGO Store.

It’s nice to have a brief reprieve from the walls, with the new Starbucks Coffee shop on the right.

Inside the World of Disney, there were some newer shirts that include Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy.

“The Incredibles” adult shirt.

Buzz Lightyear adult shirt.

Jack Skellington adult shirt.

The Lego dragon.

The Seven Dwarfs LEGO display now reminds me of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

We went through the parking lot and then along the pathway to get back to the West Side.

Pleasure Island signage is still up.

The construction walls have big gaps, and guests can see the work being done here. Not that there is much to see yet!

The parking garages loom ahead.

We were heading to the movie, which was at the AMC Dine-In Theaters to the left of the fountain.

We were met with a beautiful sunset after the film!

The Rainforest Cafe erupts at the Marketplace.

We haven’t heard when the Disney Springs name will officially be bestowed on what is still Downtown Disney. It is nice to see so much progress here nearly a year and a half after the announcement.