Disney Park and Resort Photo Updates

Pineapple Lanai (Dole Whips!) and Moana Mercantile Open at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, Resort Sign Sneak Peek

Hi everyone!

Pineapple Lanai has opened at Disney’s Polynesian Resort, serving up Dole Whips and Pineapple Floats. Moana Mercantile has replaced Trader Jack’s on the second floor, and the new Polynesian Village Resort entrance sign is now visible through the scrim.

The original entrance sign is now gone, it was here a couple of days back. The scrim shows the new entrance sign, but we took a closer look and have photos that show the new sign itself! Keep reading to the end.

Guests can now walk out the back door of the Great Ceremonial House, which is really nice – there had been plants covering up the windows.

Pineapple Lanai is a small kiosk with tables and chairs outside. We were told that the hours currently are from about noon until an hour after fireworks, but hours haven’t been officially set yet.

Dole Whips, Pineapple Floats and bottled water are sold here.

We purchased the souvenir tiki bowl with the Dole Whip, which costs $8.79. The Dole Whip cup is much smaller than the previous one, so it really is a single serve size.

Besides the souvenir bowl, a sipper can be purchased with the Pineapple Float. A friend just picked us up the Dole Whip cup from Disneyland (we received it today), and we bought another one.

Here is our video of the Pineapple Lanai!

The back of the Great Ceremonial House is already nicely landscaped for guests.

Pineapple Lanai is nicely covered, but it isn’t an indoor location.

New signage is being added around the resort. Both the Pineapple Lanai and Moana Mercantile are on the map, and Club Disney is on the sign below it.

The DVC Bungalows continue to take shape.

These two bungalows have different Polynesian designs on the top.

Here are a few more views.

A new sign near Moana Mercantile lists today’s park hours, along with Downtown Disney.

Hallway work.

The Moana Mickey Mercantile is missing the Mickey and Minnie figures that were here, as well as Huey, Dewey and Louie. I hope they come back in some form.

There is a hidden Mickey inside.

Here is a video of the Moana Mercantile:

Also, Jeff noticed that even the sandwiches in the Captain Cook’s case have the Polynesian Village Resort name added.

We also picked up new maps of the resort, which now lists it as Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort.

The sign should be fully revealed very soon! But we have a look at it, thanks to Jeff getting a little closer. This is the scrim.

And this is not. This is the sign, which is currently covered up. It looks like all they need to do is turn on the water!

For as much is closed at Disney’s Polynesian Resort, they really are working hard to get as much open as possible. In the past 2 weeks, Captain Cook’s reopened, Pineapple Lanai opened, as did the Moana Mercantile and now the sign will be unveiled. We are happy that the resort is changing to it’s original name, though it will be a very different resort in many ways than we’ve experienced through our lives.