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Scarecrows and Pumpkins at Magic Kingdom in Detail (Have You Seen the Restroom Themed Pumpkin?)

Hi everyone!

We posted a first look at Halloween decorations at the Magic Kingdom last week. Today, after more decorations have been added, we are looking at the details in the Main Street pumpkins and Town Square scarecrows. Don’t miss them when you visit! This is our 8th year bringing Mousesteps readers Halloween at the Magic Kingdom, including Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.

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Before we head into the Magic Kingdom, one noticeable change this year has been the placement of the entrance pumpkins. These used to be right in front of the train station, but now they are outside of the gate.

It is a great location, much more accessible to guests. And more of the former entrance pumpkins are inside the park.

While I like the location for the pumpkins this year, it does leave the area around the floral Mickey a little less decorated.

More of the former entrance pumpkins can be found near the Town Square Theater.

The other set is within eyeshot of City Hall.

The scarecrows are back again this year, I can’t remember when they didn’t adorn Town Square. Each scarecrow represents a Cast Member role in the Magic Kingdom. In this case, a member of the Main Street Philharmonic plays his drum. Through the hole in the drum is Marie as she greets guests.

Here is another look at that scarecrow.

One of our Halloween videos includes the scarecrows and entrance pumpkins.

The leader of the band is also here!

The Mayor of Main Street is part of the scarecrow display.

He holds a flag, but it is his pocket watch that is most of interest.

Mickey Mouse as a pumpkin is in the details here.

The next scarecrow represents a Cast Member from the Confectionery.

The scarecrow holds a candy apple and a partly eaten lollipop.

The Main Street bakery is part of the display, with a bag of sugar pouring from the bottom.

I believe this is meant to be one of the Citizens of Main Street who is often seen with the Mayor.

And this scarecrow represents the Cast Members in the Main Street Emporium. She holds on to a small doll, I believe it used to be a Mickey Mouse (it didn’t look like Mickey here).

And we head down to Casey’s for hot dogs with this scarecrow!

The two sets of pumpkins leading to Main Street are back up for guest photos.

There was no line, so we enjoyed a photo on a beautiful day.

Our second video includes most of the pumpkins you’ll see here.

Our first stop for themed pumpkins is at the Main Street Firehouse. Some of my favorite pumpkins are here! The pumpkins don’t change much from year to year, but new ones are occasionally added, making for a fun hunt.

This one appeared a few years ago, the pumpkin that points the way to the restrooms! That might be my all-time favorite Magic Kingdom pumpkin.

A dalmation smiles above the firehouse.

And I’m not sure if the fire hydrant is for the fire house or the dalmation…

Above the Harmony Barber Shop is a barbershop trio. I think there were 4 pumpkins previously here.

With the construction at the hub, a few pumpkins were displaced. One is another of our favorites, a snowman pumpkin which made its way to the Confectionery this year.

The Art of Disney (formerly the Main Street Cinema) has a handful of pumpkins. Most are fairly standard, but one includes a film strip of Mickey Mouse. It starts with his ears, and ends with a full Mickey head.

The Watch shop offers a pumpkin with a watch in the window.

Across the way, a witch flies over the Emporium.

This clown pumpkin looks like it should belong in the next photo.

While the clown pumpkin is nowhere near the clown, there are pumpkins above the Hall of Champions themed to the shop. They include sports pumpkins and a “HOC” pumpkin.

Center Street also has themed pumpkins. This building says “Art Festival” and includes a pumpkin with a paintbrush.

This pumpkin looks like a school house.

And the windows that say “Music and Dance Lessons” include a pumpkin with a musical note.

Uptown Jewelers also has a pumpkin, an engagement ring.

Roy E. Disney was a sailing enthusiast, and his windows and pumpkins show that.

This appears to be the Disney Cruise Line logo.

Not far away is a black cat in another window (not in the Roy E. Disney area).

Some pumpkins are just fun to look at.

The Plaza Ice Cream Parlor has many ice cream themed pumpkins.

This is our favorite here, with the ice cream spilled out of a cone.

And at Casey’s Corner, there are a variety of pumpkins.


A hot dog.

A drink and a baseball.

We enjoy the pumpkins on the lightposts too!

On the way out of the Magic Kingdom, the pumpkins spell out “See Ya Real Soon”. On either side is a Mickey pumpkin.

Are you heading to the Magic Kingdom this year for Halloween? We will be bringing you coverage from the first Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party!