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Celebrating Easter at Walt Disney World: Mickey & Minnie at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort; Easter Pre-Parade at Magic Kingdom

Hi everyone!

We had a very full day at Walt Disney World on Easter, beginning with a short visit to Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort before heading to the Magic Kingdom for the Pre-Parade.

Characters were meeting at all of the Walt Disney World resorts yesterday. Mickey and Minnie were switching off with the White Rabbit at Disney’s Grand Floridian, though we only were there for the latter. The meet and greets were going on for a full 2 hours in the morning.

Mickey and Minnie were dressed in their Victorian outfits, Minnie in a similar costume that she wears for Christmas (the skirt is different).

They were very playful the whole time, with guests waiting up to 1/2 hour to meet the pair.

Mickey and Minnie were in the back of the main building, with Disney’s Grand Floridian Villas in sight.

Minnie waited for a child.

We were the last guests to meet Mickey and Minnie.

And one photo with us.

Mickey and Minnie link arms as they leave.

Here is our short video with Mickey and Minnie.

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort has also been the setting for the 2015 Chocolate Easter Egg Display. Check that out here, and now we head to the Magic Kingdom!

It has been a while since we have used Fastpass+ for the parade, not realizing that the Fastpass+ area was currently in Town Square. I have never seen the Easter Pre-Parade from this angle, and it was a very good vantage point.

It is a tradition for us to see the procession at the Magic Kingdom (which runs before Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade).

The pre-parade has been very similar for the last few years, but it was very different the first year we photographed it (2010). I went through our videos from the last 6 years, and I hadn’t remembered that Daisy’s dress was different for the first few years. Plus, the hippos, ostriches and chickens have been added since then. Chicken Little and Abby Mallard were in the parade for the first few years, before being replaced by Thumper and Miss Bunny.

Hippo and ostrich from Fantasia.

Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny arrive at Town Square.

These butterflies and flowers are also a few years old. They really brighten up the parade!

Daisy wore different dresses the first 3 or 4 years, and now is in a similar dress to the Azalea Trail Maids. She is in a purple dress with purple parasol.

The Azalea Trail Maids are here from Mobile, Alabama each year. This is the first time we had a very good view of them, usually we see the procession from the side.

There are a total of 50 Azalea Trail Maids each year, all high school seniors.

The Azalea Trail Maids always look so elegant in the parade, I can’t imagine Easter without them as part of it.

Next, Miss Bunny joins Thumper, Rabbit and the White Rabbit.

Miss Bunny waves.

The White Rabbit.

Clara Cluck ends the parade, with chicken dancers preceding her.

Here is our video of the Easter Pre-Parade 2015!

If you’d like to see the changes through the years, here is our 2011 video.

We met a butterfly and flower at the new hub.

Easter never seems too busy at the parks, and we always enjoy the festivities! We missed stopping at Epcot this year during its Easter events (not arriving until evening), but hopefully we will get back there next year for them.