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Ravello at Four Seasons Resort Orlando: Magical Dining Month 2016 Review (Through October 2nd, 2016)

Hi everyone!

We were invited to the Four Seasons Resort Orlando to try out the Magical Dining Month menu at Ravello. Magical Dining Month is a yearly event where guests can order off a three course menu at various Orlando area restaurants for $33.00, and it runs this year from August 29th – October 2nd, 2016.

Ravello is my personal favorite restaurant at the Four Seasons Orlando, though we’ve had fantastic meals at all of them. The restaurant is more casual than the fine dining Capa location upstairs, but you can still order an exquisite steak in addition to pasta, seafood, lamb chops and more off the regular (non-Magical Dining Month) menu. We’ve been invited many times to the resort to review restaurants, but we also dine here on our own. Visiting the resort even for a few hours is like a mini-vacation for me, the service and atmosphere are impeccable. The Four Seasons is the only Five Diamond resort in the area.

The menu we received for Magical Dining Month is a little different than the one found online. We tried a couple of other items that are not included with the three courses, though they can be ordered separately. However, the amount of food on the regular menu is enough if that is all you are looking for. My chicken dish (which I’ll talk about) was brought home and I enjoyed it for two more meals.

The Tomato E Mozzarella Focaccia is not part of the three courses, but is an additional $5.00. Personally, I’d add this to a dinner since it was delicious and filling.

There are three appetizers to choose from on the menu. One is the Cesare Salad, with hearts of romaine, parmigiano, anchovy and focaccia croutons. This would be my choice because I usually like to start with salad. But I’ll show the other two choices next.

A server brought around fresh ground pepper.

The Artichoke Tort was a surprise. Creamy on the inside, it is a heavier dish than the salad – but a very unique dish to start the meal off with. I would have never thought to order this starter, but now I would (and I don’t believe it is currently on the Ravello menu otherwise).

Here is a look at four of the torts from above. The portion size is generous.

Carpaccio is the third choice of starters, rounding out several very different items. Of the three, if you want something you may not find elsewhere, I’d suggest the Artichoke Tort. But if you have several guests in your party, you can try all three by sharing.

For an additional cost, guests can order Spaghetti for $9.00. Honestly, I don’t think I’d go to Ravello without ordering some sort of homemade pasta or pizza – so I’d add this or bump it up to a full plate of pasta to have more leftovers for the next day.

Jeff received some parmesan cheese for his spaghetti.

Here is a look at our view from the table before we start diving into entrees.

The kitchen is open as well.

Seriously, I will remember this chicken forever. It is one of the best pieces of chicken I’ve ever had, and I often don’t order chicken off a set dining price menu when beef is available. But this is what I’d order if visiting again. On the menu it is called Pollo, it is an herb grilled chicken with evoo and herb crusted potato and seasonal vegetables. The meat was so juicy, so tender – so perfectly seasoned. I don’t usually rave about chicken, but I am. I recommend this. And it was huge!

Jeff ordered the Pan Seared Local Redfish. It comes with crushed olive oil potatoes, broccolini and key lime basil emulsion. He enjoyed the seasoning and the freshness of it.

We didn’t try the third entree, that was a Braised Short Rib. I’m sure it is wonderful, I’ve dined at Ravello a number of times and everything is excellent. But we were brought out the Manzo, which is an extra $35 over the Magical Dining Month price. We’ve ordered this 16 ounce prime dry-aged ribeye before, and it is extremely tender. It comes with Chef Fabrizio’s rub, grilled asparagus, roasted potatoes and chianti sauce.

Here is another view of the ribeye. Just like Capa upstairs, this meat is prime – and delicious.

There is a choice of two different desserts, they were presented to us on one plate to try. One is the Hazelnut Budino with salted caramel and chocolate crisp (on the left) and the other is Florida Strawberry Crostata with limoncello crema and mango-passion fruit sorbetto (on the right).

The Hazelnut Budino stole it for me, I like chocolate above all – and this is a rich dessert.

But you can’t go wrong here either. The mango-passion fruit sorbetto is strong on flavor.

Thanks to the Four Seasons for my birthday cupcake! I turned 50 a couple of days earlier.

Chef Fabrizio Schenardi is from Italy, and has been part of the Four Seasons family since 2010. He takes great pride in his food, and it shows in every dish.

Ravello is downstairs at the Four Seasons.

Here is a look inside from the doorway.

And don’t miss the Hidden Mickey at this desk in the lobby.

The chandelier is fireworks inspired.

If you are planning to try a restaurant (or two or three) during Magical Dining Month, Ravello should be at the top of your list. And make sure to save a little time before dining to check out the resort, you might find yourself wanting to book a stay here!