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Disney’s Fort Wilderness Halloween Golf Cart 2018 Parade Photos and Video

Hi everyone!

Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground is the setting each year for the Halloween Golf Cart Parade – this is our ninth year posting about it, it’s one of of my favorite annual events! The guests at Disney’s Fort Wilderness always are so creative with their golf carts, campsites and pumpkins. Our video below shows all the golf carts with a couple of dozen in photos too. I also added a few other photos at the bottom including pumpkins and a couple of campsites. Here is a look at this fantastic 2018 parade from October 30th!

Just to note again first – these golf carts are decorated/designed by guests of Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground. There are a few Cast Member carts too, but most are not.

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Chip and Dale arrive by horse and carriage, they were also meeting guests this week. In the past, a golf cart or bike was used for characters (it hasn’t always been Chip and Dale).

Here is our video and then on to more photos!

Vampire Dale and Pirate Chip are characters have often met at the campfire near Halloween. They actually didn’t even appear in costume in the parade last year, just as their normal selves.

Many golf carts have spiders or other decorations.

This large spider sits atop a cart.

This golf cart is designed as a pirate ship.

Coco was a big theme this year.

Nightmare Before Christmas was also a prominent theme this year, with several carts beautifully designed.

This was my favorite of the carts, maybe tied with the Tower of Terror cart that I will show more of in the article. The cart and costumes were really great.

Jack Skellington waves.

The back of this cart was painted as well with characters from Nightmare Before Christmas.

This cart celebrates the Fort Wilderness Campfire Sing-A-Long.

The Toy Story Midway Mania cart is really fun.

The Jurassic Park cart has a dinosaur on top.

Haunted Mansion cart.

Life is Cooler at Disney.

Here are a few more photos of the fantastic Hollywood Tower Hotel cart!

Check out the details on the side.

On the back are the gift shop and flags.

Everyone laughed at this one, simple but fun.

The owners of the cart here have my favorite campsite decorations this year, and I will show a couple of photos at the end of the article.

Slinky Dog.

A hot dog cart.

More Toy Story with Green Army Men and a tank.

This cart is decorated with skeletons and gravestones.

This recognizable boat to the Magic Kingdom was a terrific entry.

The Candy Bandits.

More Coco theming.

And here is another creative Nightmare Before Christmas cart. Both of the ones I mentioned were in the final 6 carts (3 were chosen for prizes).

Here is the side of the cart.

The police and fire department end the parade.

Here are a few pumpkin photos – these are real pumpkins and carved mostly by guests.

Bing Bong was my overall favorite.

A scary Mickey Mouse was very popular.

And the Grinch brought in a non-Disney character, he makes a great pumpkin!

At the beach, the Welcome to Fort Wilderness sign was covered in cobwebs.

The six finalist golf carts were side by side, with three prizes eventually given out.

It was fun to see these two carts next to each other, with a variety of characters.

And I mentioned my favorite campsite decor – this is “Disney’s Past Haunts” with a variety of attractions that are no longer with us.

Fortunately Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride still exists at Disneyland, but it was nice to have it here too.

And this campsite is all about the Campfire Sing-A-Long. It is really nicely done with a lot of thought put into it! I don’t show everything, but there are bleaches with skeleton guests to the left and a food truck and campfire as part of the display.

Chip and Dale as part of the campfire.

There is nowhere I’d rather be than Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground to celebrate Halloween! We also had done the Return to Sleepy Hollow experience along with Trail’s End the day prior, I will write that up eventually.