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Disney’s Contemporary Resort Cinderella Themed Gingerbread Display Grand Opens for 2018

Hi everyone!

Disney’s Contemporary Resort’s Gingerbread Display opened on November 1st, 2018! On October 31st, we celebrated Halloween and then dove straight into Christmas with a 10:00 a.m. grand opening ceremony the next morning on the fourth floor of Disney’s Contemporary Resort. For the second year, the gingerbread display is not near the elevators but by the tall windows. The photos and video below compromise both the grand opening ceremony and a look at the display and treats. There are some changes to the display from last year, I will talk about those below.

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A sign on the first floor directs guests to the new display.

For the past 12 or so years, I’ve photographed the resort’s gingerbread display. The first year was a Pinocchio theme and then it changed to a “it’s a small world” display. Each of the displays since then have had an “it’s a small world” theme, including with Frozen characters and Cinderella characters during different years. This year it is again Cinderella themed, with Prince Charming and now Fairy Godmother has been added for 2018.

This is our video and then the rest of the article.

Here is a look at the fun Fairy Godmother figure.

The clock strikes midnight on this clock, also newly added for 2018.

The bakery team poses, including Pastry Chef Jeff Barnes on the right.

Matty Marcone and his mom were the family chosen to help open the gingerbread display.

There are hidden Mickeys in gold but also there is a Mickey that is carved into the gingerbread.

Sugar was sprinkled onto the house.

There are Mickeys everywhere, including on the gingerbread house used to sell treats.

Walt Disney World Ambassador Ken Facey hosted the ceremony.

The pastry team made up a large part of the ceremony.

Pastry Chef Jeff Barnes.

Matty Marcone also added another few hidden Mickeys to the gingerbread display.

And then it was time to cut the ribbon.

There are pin signings with Barnes during the season.

This is a fun frame and he posed with it. Barnes will be signing the new pin in this location, and there will be holiday book signings here coming up too with various authors.

The 2018 pin is like a snowglobe, very unique for gingerbread display pins.

Now on to the treats!

Treats at Disney’s Contemporary Resort and Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort (when that opens) are nicely varied and something special for the holiday season. Disney’s Contemporary Resort changes up their treats each year, mixing in new items like the White Chocolate Cinderella and Cinderella Cake Pop with popular yearly items like the Gingerbread Boy.

Cinderella would make a great gift and I’ll show the box it comes in below.

The Linzer Cookie is a yearly specialty here and very popular.

There is also a Gluten Free Gingerbread Boy.

The Royal Pumpkin Loaf is new, and is terrific. I was going to pick something up at Starbucks but chose this instead, I really like pumpkin flavored items.

The gingerbread to the left has a Cinderella slipper design.

To the left is the box for Cinderella. To the right, also new, is the Bippidy Bobbidy Bundt Cake. That also is pumpkin flavored.

The ceramic cup this year is gorgeous, with a 2018 date and Cinderella, Prince Charming and the gingerbread display. There is no Fairy Godmother on it, I was asked about that.

A glass slipper has been added.

Here is a full view of the display.


Disney’s Contemporary Resort Gingerbread Display includes 18 hidden Mickeys (21 or so now that more were added); 655 pounds of sugar snow; 437 jars of honey; 1001 pounds of flour; 27 3/4 of spices; 428 eggs; 83 pounds of rolled fondant; 43 pounds of dark chocolate; 57 pounds of royal icing and 156 pounds of dark modeling chocolate. It also has over 5000 gingerbread bricks, and stands 17 feet, 6 inches high along with a width of 25 feet, 4 inches.

Here is a look from the side.

New this year is a moving “it’s a small world” face.

This is the Royal Pumpkin Loaf and I recommend it to anyone who likes pumpkin.

The ingredients include pumpkin, nutmeg, Grand Marnier and Disco Dust.

Stop by Disney’s Contemporary Resort this season to enjoy this gingerbread display!