Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort Photo Walk Including Disney’s Riviera Resort from February, 2020 (230+ Photos)

Update 1/17/21 – This is my most popular photo walk right now, and the resorts have been open. There are exceptions at the resorts, for example Sebastian’s Bistro and Spyglass Grill are still closed. I will have an updated photo walk soon.

Hi everyone!

Now that Disney’s Riviera Resort is open, I am updating my photo walk of Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. The walk does encompass Disney’s Riviera Resort and and the two Disney Skyliner stations. Disney’s Riviera Resort is a Disney Vacation Club resort with Deluxe resort amenities. Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort was the first Moderate resort at Walt Disney World. There are buildings at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort that are no longer part of the photo walk, they were removed to make way for Disney’s Riviera Resort and the Disney Skyliner (the original Barbados and a portion of Martinique).

My last photo walk of Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort was in 2015. I cut the photos down quite a bit on this one and ended up with about the same amount of photos this time around – almost 240. And that is without going inside Disney’s Riviera Resort, I will have to do a photo tour of that on its own. This is mostly a walk around Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort without exploring too much the interior spaces. It is also a timed walk – I photograph and time the walks individually. My first photo walk of 2020 was Epcot to Disney’s Hollywood Studios via the Walt Disney World BoardWalk.

Here is my photo walk of Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort on 3 pages!

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I first took the Disney Skyliner to Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort for the photo walk. There are two stations, one is across from Trinidad and the other is at Disney’s Riviera Resort (and on the other side of Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort). I will show the other station later.

This is the station for Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. It is the hub for several lines and is big!

Before starting our walk, I wanted to show something that I am pretty sure came from the former Custom House – the clock in the center of the station.

In my 2015 walk, the Custom House was shown – it was the former check-in area and a clock that looks the same sits in the middle (the only difference is the color). The Custom House was an unusual location for the resort as it was not close to Old Port Royale.

Old Port Royale is the hub of activity, and the check-in area had been moved here and the entire building refurbished. There was a lot of construction for a while here, but it looks great.

Here is the entrance to Old Port Royale. It is nice having all dining, the main pool and check-in at the same location now.

We are heading inside.

I am showing a few photos at the beginning and end of Old Port Royale. I am not doing the same at Disney’s Riviera Resort because it would make for a much longer article than it already is. But we’ve stayed at Disney’s Riviera Resort for several nights and have dined there several times as well.

The lobby of Old Port Royale is much more upscale looking than the former space here. Old Port Royale had dining and shopping previously as well, but it also felt like you could just walk in flip flops from the pool and be comfortable. I think this is a lovely introduction to the resort now.

The curtains add a pop of color.

Now we are starting the timed walk at 9:21am. There used to be a large fountain outside of Old Port Royale with a water view. The view of the water from just outside of Old Port Royale is not here anymore. The walk around Barefoot Bay is an oval and it does not connect at the end of Trinidad. The way I walked here is about 2 miles. You can make a shorter walk by crossing bridges. Back when I was a travel agent, several of my clients loved Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort for the paths to run on in the morning.

We turn right, toward Disney’s Riviera Resort.

The lighthouse is coming into view.

There is no longer much of a marina here but there are some recreation options.

There is signage along the walk. And the lighthouse is painted differently than it once was.

We are passing by the lighthouse on the left and Martinique will be on the right.

The Disney Skyliner is across the water and the station is just a few minutes away from here.

Sebastian’s Bistro is to the left, it is a new restaurant that replaced Shutters as the table service location for the resort.

Barefoot Bay Marina.

Years ago, the moderate resorts offered boat rentals and now this location offers bikes to rent, fishing excursions and Pirate Adventure Cruises.

When I first started my photo walks in 2007, there were no running maps. A number of years ago, New Balance partnered with Disney and signage went up with New Balance mentioned. The maps are still here but not with a sponsor.

We are continuing to walk through Martinique.

Disney’s Riviera Resort is ahead a bit.

There is something fun ahead to the left.

I first heard of Purple Martins at Epcot when Disney started hosting them. And now there are a lot and not just at Epcot.

Purple Martins feeding.

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort still has sandy beach areas and hammocks.

It was a little chilly out and none of the hammocks were in use during this portion of my walk.

Disney’s Riviera Resort does look very different than Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort – they are differently themed. But as standalone resorts, I like them both.

There is a fire pit here for cooking marshmallows (see the recreation guide for times).

We are coming up on Building 25.

We arrive at Building 25 at 9:22 a.m., so just one minute from when I left the fountain.

We are continuing ahead toward Disney’s Riviera Resort.

Hammocks and chairs look out on the water.

There are several Martinique buildings here. It is a nice walk between the two resorts.

I have a new iPhone 11 Pro, which I used for a handful of wide-angle photos during the walk (otherwise everything is with my Nikon D5200).

Disney’s Riviera Resort is getting closer.

Building 24 is next, and it will be the last of the Martinique buildings.

Signage for Aruba and Disney’s Riviera Resort is coming up.

These maps are in many locations.

To the left will be another patch of beach on the way to Disney’s Riviera Resort.

There are a number of cabanas and some chairs here. This isn’t really close to the pools so I’m not sure if they are utilized a lot. We arrive here at 9:24 a.m. – just 3 minutes from the start of our timed walk. Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort is very close to Disney’s Riviera Resort and that makes for a very nice amount of dining and extra shopping.

Here is one last look at the cabanas and chairs.

We are just about at Disney’s Riviera Resort, and the main Riviera Pool is ahead.

The S’il Vous Play water play area is ahead as well, and is Fantasia themed.

The sign to the Disney Skyliner shows to the right, but I am going to the left. Also, there are many hidden Mickeys to be found at the resort and you can see two here.

We are walking ahead with Barefoot Bay on the left and the Riviera Pool and other recreation to the right. There is actually quite a bit of recreation at Disney’s Riviera Resort.

S’il Vous Play is to the right as is the water slide for the Riviera Pool.

This is a very relaxing walk along the water.

There are hidden Mickeys in the fence at the top of the water slide.

The Disney Skyliner is coming back into view.

In the evening, the Disney Skyliner gondolas look really pretty over the water.

I don’t know what was going on here, but some form of recreation was being set up.

The Disney Skyliner station can be seen as well.

We are reaching the bridge at 9:28am. You can probably save a minute and go the other direction, but I like the walk along the water.

There is a fire pit here for Disney’s Riviera Resort. Free marshmallows and upgraded s’more kits (for a cost) are available each day for resort guests. We did this on our last evening of the three night stay at the end of January.

We will be crossing the short bridge and turning left.

If you walked straight ahead, you could go to the lobby, to Topolino’s Terrace on the top floor, to Primo Piatto (counter service) and more.

Tables and chairs are to the left.

The Beau Soleil Pool is the second pool – it is very close to the Riviera Pool and does not feature a slide. Bar Riva is more than a bar, it offers some food items as well. There are a number of dining options here and then more at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort – then in about a 7 minute ride to the Epcot International Gateway you can find so many wonderful restaurants around World Showcase.

We are walking past Disney’s Riviera Resort, which offers about 300 DVC villas. We stayed in a 1 bedroom villa, which is very nicely laid out and I love the location on the Disney Skyliner. We ride the Disney Skyliner often and being able to go to Epcot each evening was wonderful.

Here is another Running Trail sign.

We are nearing the Disney Skyliner station.

To the right, there is a tunnel with two lovely and large mosaics – Peter Pan and Tangled. Over a million tiles create these mosaics!

Here is a look one evening at the Peter Pan mosaic. I think these are more beautiful at night.

The Disney Skyliner station is straight ahead.

To walk from Old Port Royale at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort to this station took 11 minutes and it could have been done a little faster.

We arrive to the Disney Skyliner station at 9:32 a.m.

Disney’s Riviera Station offers transport to guests heading to Epcot or to the other station I showed you earlier near Trinidad at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. From there you can transfer to Disney’s Hollywood Studios or to Disney’s Art of Animation Resort and Disney’s Pop Century Resort.

Disney’s Riviera Resort station not only services guests at the DVC resort, but also is just steps away from Aruba (the pink buildings). So if you are staying at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, make note of both stations.

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