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Magic Kingdom Halloween Rainy Day Cavalcade Features Mickey & Friends (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

The Magic Kingdom has been featuring a variety of Halloween cavalcades and we’ve been posting about all of them. There was a lot of rain this past Sunday so we were able to catch the Halloween Rainy Day Cavalcade with Mickey and friends. Instead of the standard Halloween Cavalcade with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Pluto that features grave diggers, Sugar Rush Racers and more, this features the five Disney characters, Cast Members in rain ponchos and regular Rainy Day music (not “Boo to You”). We have photos and video!

Here is our video and then photos.

The characters are in Main Street vehicles, just like any other Rainy Day Cavalcade.

Mickey is up first, in his Halloween costume that can be one of several different outfits. He wore three different ones during the first week.

Mickey was waving to guests.

There was a lot of rain on this day, but we were in between bouts of it while the cavalcade passed by.

Two more performers are in between the vehicles.

The next car will be Pluto.


Pluto poses for photos.


He has been a lion each day for Halloween.

The Omnibus holds Minnie as a witch, Daisy as a princess and Donald as a knight. Daisy also was a witch one day and Minnie had a new costume – so you never know what they will be wearing!


Minnie sits atop the omnibus.

Donald is on this side.

Daisy is behind him.

Unlike the Princess Rainy Day Cavalcade, the characters are all on the top of the omnibus.

Three more poncho-clad performers are at the end of the cavalcade.

Daisy can be seen better here as the Omnibus heads backstage.

It is fun to catch the various cavalcades and entertainment at the Magic Kingdom. The Rainy Day Halloween Cavalcade is an enjoyable alternative, though you’ll want to catch the non-rain version to for the full experience. We did both on Sunday. I will be posting much more about Halloween in the coming days and then a roundup of all our coverage on Sunday!