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Jack Kirby Legacy Gallery at Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel Now Features Temporary Groot Art Collection

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The Jack Kirby Legacy Gallery at Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel now has a temporary exhibit featuring Groot. Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel features hundreds of pieces of Marvel artwork in the hotel, and is always worth a visit to either stay, shop or dine.

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A new temporary collection from the Jack Kirby Legacy Gallery at Disney Hotel New York® – The Art of Marvel now features one of the most unlikely characters in the galaxy: Groot.

True to its mission to highlight different artistic styles and interpretations, this exhibition has the originality of playing not only on colors and renderings, but also on the appearance of the character. Indeed, Groot is a rare MARVEL character who is known for his varying ages; the exhibition therefore highlights his imposing side when he is in his prime, as much as his adorable side when he is a child. In both cases, it leaves no one indifferent, whether we are intrigued by its vegetal side or whether its childish antics make us laugh.

A black shape or a gnarled wooden body that stands out against a starry background or a bright color, Groot looks intimidating… But he’s also cute, smiley, and he loves to dance… These different depictions literally jump out of frame!

In the great line of Marvel Super Heroes, complex and yet approachable, this second exhibition naturally finds its place in this gallery that art admirers or comic book fans will appreciate for its great diversity and eclecticism.

It is also part of the hotel’s constant evolution process, which is one of the highlights of MARVEL. Indeed, the special episode Guardians of the Galaxy: Happy Holidays currently available on Disney+ is celebrated through the partnership with Marvel artist Skottie Young who imagined the design of a fun Baby Groot for the giant decoration which will sit proudly at the entrance of the hotel throughout this Christmas season.