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Disneyland Paris Shares “Mickey’s Dazzling Christmas Parade” Video Highlights, Day and Night

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Disneyland Paris has shared “Mickey’s Dazzling Christmas Parade” video highlights, both day and at night. The parade is wonderful during the daytime but it really earns it’s “Dazzling” name after dark!

We also have an article with 65 photos taken from 2021 of “Mickey’s Dazzling Christmas Parade”. That article includes videos as well of the parade.

Mickey's Dazzling Christmas Parade, Official Photo with Mickey Mouse

Photo copyright Disneyland Paris

Back in 2021, we learned more about “Mickey’s Dazzling Christmas Parade”. From a behind-the-scenes online look, we learned that the parade is the story of trees. Art director Olivier Dusautoir said that they started considering a new Christmas parade several years earlier and had brainstorming sessions. The concept decided on was the story of trees. “We wanted to link each tree with the characters”. They had to think about what Christmas trees would be like for Santa, the princesses, the “VIP’s” (Mickey, Minnie and friends). There are five unique and beautiful floats (designed by Jody Daily). The opening float features Mickey like he is the conductor of the parade. The float has “a somewhat vintage, retro, cartoon style”. Dusautoir was adamant that he wanted the tree at an angle even though it was difficult to do. The light bulbs are 1950s style.

Photo copyright Disneyland Paris

“Mickey’s Dazzling Christmas Parade” is not an electrical parade, but they wanted it to be luminous. And the floats were designed for characters to exit easily.

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