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Photos: Disneyland Hotel Merchandise at Disneyland Paris in the Royal Collection Boutique from Opening Day

Hi everyone!

The newly reimagined Disneyland Hotel at Disneyland Paris has a variety of exclusive merchandise items for guests to purchase. We did book the first night of the hotel and I took pictures of exclusive merchandise inside the Royal Collection Boutique. Some of the items are very popular, including the royal Mickey Mouse plush.

Here is a look inside the Royal Collection Boutique!

When entering the shop, many of the items are front and center.

Candles and home perfume sprays are part of the collection. There are two scents inside the Disneyland Hotel, one for day and one for night. The candles and home sprays reflect that.

The boxes for the candles feature the iconic Mickey Mouse clock, which figures prominently at the Disneyland Hotel. The candles cost 40 € each.

The Disneyland Hotel home perfume costs 60 .

Here is a look at the other box.

There is Royal White Tea, which is organic white tea flavored with flowers and fruits. 20 .

There are also some cups.

This is the box for the 2 porcelain cups and saucers.

This set costs 35 .

There is a sign for this porcelain try that says 250 , with the Disneyland Hotel on it.

The tray is made by Bernardaud in France.

I didn’t see the prices for the Dooney & Bourke bags.

There is a limited of 2 per item per transaction.

Here is a look at more of the items in one photo.

The Mickey Mouse royal plush is a big hit here. It costs 30 . I have no idea why there isn’t a Minnie (and maybe other characters) as they would all be popular. This is the outfit Mickey wears at the Royal Banquet restaurant.

There is a Tangled mirror, inspired by the mirror in the Disneyland Hotel rooms. The cost is 69 .

There is a lot of great presentation on the individual boxes.

There is also a porcelain mug. The cost is 22 .

Honestly, there is very little in terms of apparel. I don’t know why there aren’t more t-shirts, a Spirit Jersey, an ear headband, etc. – merchandise that is really applicable to someone who wants to show that they’ve stayed at the Disneyland Hotel. And maybe a mug that isn’t porcerlain (plus other plush). It saved me a lot of money to have just a couple of small items I wanted.

There is a polo shirt. I don’t see a photo with the price, so I will get that in the next day or so.

This is the back of the Disneyland Hotel polo.

There is a sweatshirt that costs 70 .

The scarf costs 60 .

I bought the keychain because it is perfect and simple, with the Disneyland Hotel on the front and the Mickey clock design on the back. For 9 €, I think it is the best souvenir here, along with the Mickey plush.

Here is the Mickey clock design.

This pen costs 20 .

The pin is 11 and we did buy it. Until now, I hadn’t really looked at the design but you can see Aladdin’s lamp, a rose, it looks like the Tangled sun, and fleur de lys in the design.

There is a lanyard for 13 .

There are flutes for 160 from Arribas France.

The Disneyland Hotel Champagne Millésime is coming soon for 150 .

This plate was in the window for 150 and 6 for 800 .

So many guests were wanting to purchase this beautiful clock, inspired by the Disneyland Hotel clock outside. But it did not arrive, unfortunately. I did post about the clock already, it will cost 149€.

We should have a few more photos of items I forgot to photograph in the coming days – but this is most of the  merchandise that was available or is coming.

What would you want to see added to the Disneyland Hotel merchandise collection? I already gave my thoughts. Also, I would love a set of postcards, a magnet, a ball cap and relatively basic items that everyone uses. There isn’t much here for me and I’d love to have shopped a little more!





4 thoughts on “Photos: Disneyland Hotel Merchandise at Disneyland Paris in the Royal Collection Boutique from Opening Day

  • What if you are not a guest in the hotel but have a reservation for the royal banquet for example, are you able to purchase any merchandise from the shop do you know? Love the photos too by the way 😊

    • Hello Charlotte!

      Thank you very much for reading my article and for your question. The Disneyland Hotel just opened so things can change at any time, but on January 25th, the boutique was asking for the hotel’s Magic Card to purchase any merchandise. But things can change at anytime!


  • Do you know if they are willing to post items in Europe? We’re staying in October, travelling from Scotland and I’d love to get the tangled mirror but worry about it surviving the flight!

    • Hello! I wish I knew, we left the hotel yesterday and I would have asked. If I find out, I will post that here. I totally understand wanting to make sure the Tangled mirror stays in one piece. It does come in a nice box so that would help keep it protected I think. – Denise

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