Disneyland Paris

A Look at the Disneyland Hotel Room Service Menu For at Disneyland Paris (Photos)

Hi everyone!

The Disneyland Hotel reopened at Disneyland Paris on January 25th, 2024 after a royal reimagining, and we are posting a large series of articles and videos from our stay. Today I am sharing a look at the room service menu for the hotel (there is a separate breakfast room service menu as well).

The Disneyland Hotel is a 5-star hotel at Disneyland Paris. There are two restaurants – the Royal Banquet and La Table de Lumière, which are both character dining locations (except for Royal Banquet at breakfast). Another option for dining is room service, and we have the menu to share.

The Disneyland Hotel room service menu is part of a packet in the room. The hours are from 11:00 a.m. through 10:30 p.m for lunch and dinner and then there is night service.

Make note of the extra 15 € charge if the order is under 15 €. It means that 11 € soft drink will cost 26 €, so it is a better value to order two (or go into the park/Relay and purchase bottles).

I will go closer on both pages coming up, but there are main dishes, snacks, desserts and drinks to order.

Main dishes include a beef filet from France for 60 , a Waygu hamburger for 45 , and a one-sided cod filet for 48 .

Snacks include a club sandwich for 30 and a chicken croque for 35 .

There are a few desserts, and then the Disneyland Hotel room service night service runs from 10:30 p.m. through 7:00 a.m. Starters here include a Caesar salad for 29 .

There are also mains, including a beef burger for 54 . It looks like these items are more expensive overnight.

There is also a kids’ menu.

There are plenty of Champagnes and wines to choose from.

Beers include a Grimbergen rouge for 15.5 .

There are spirits, smoothies, fruit juices and nectars. The nectars are nice, we tried them in the Deluxe lounge during our overnight stay.

On the back, the Coke, Sprite, and other cold drinks cost 11 €, and there are mineral waters and hot drinks.

We did not order room service, we dined at Royal Banquet and La Table de Lumière during our one-night Disneyland Hotel stay on opening night as well as enjoyed drinks (non-alcoholic), breakfast and Tea Time in the Deluxe Lounge. We will have photos and a review of the Deluxe lounge coming up this week, and already have posted a video.

We will be back at Royal Banquet for lunch today (we are on the Disneyland Hotel family room reservation with friends for one night) and I still will have 20+ articles coming up on the Disneyland Hotel at Disneyland Paris.