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A Look at the Disneyland Hotel Room Service Breakfast Menu at Disneyland Paris

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Last week I posted the Disneyland Hotel Room Service Menu for lunch and dinner at the royally transformed hotel in Disneyland Paris. The menu (and other paper items) are provided in the room.

I was asked a few days back if I had the Disneyland Hotel Room Service Menu for breakfast. We do! I didn’t even notice it during our visit (our final room was not available until about 8:00 p.m. and I wasn’t paying as much attention to our paperwork at that time as I usually would).

Jeff scanned the breakfast pages so they look great. We had breakfast in the Deluxe Lounge (as well as Tea Time), so we didn’t need room service. Also, check out our growing list of Disneyland Hotel articles.

Here is the Disneyland Hotel Room Service Breakfast Menu!

The Disneyland Hotel Breakfast (Petit Déjeuner) Room Service Menu has a hole so you can hang it outside your door. Breakfast is from 7:00 a.m. through 11:00 a.m. You can choose a half hour block of time you want your breakfast served between.

The menu is found within “At Your Royal Service” folder.

The lunch/dinner room service menu is more like a small pamphlet (to the left).


The Disneyland Hotel Room Service Breakfast Menu has circles to fill in and it says to use one column per person to indicate your breakfast choices.

There is a 60 € Continental Breakfast and then there are à la carte items. It looks like the Continental Breakfast includes:

– A basket of pastries and breads with butter, stewed fruit with cane sugar, honey and Nutella (or a vegan option of two croissants and bread with margarine, stewed fruit with cane sugar and peanut butter).

– A choice of yogurt, plain cottage cheese (or a vegan plain fermented soya).

– A fruit salad (or the vegan choice of fresh fruit).

– Cereal (or the vegan choice of muesli)

– Cold cuts and cheese

– A hot and cold drink.

Here is the continuation of the hot beverages (on the right). After the beverages, there is the A La Carte menu.

Items on the A La Carte menu include:

– Pancakes with maple syrup and fresh fruit for 18 €

– Crêpes with maple syrup and fresh fruit for 18 €

– Carmelized French toast with salted butter and Isigny cream for 20 €

– Matured cheeses from the regions of France for 18 €

Vegan options include:

– Raw vegetables and silken tofu with herbs for 21 €

More vegan items are on the next page, including:

Scrambled tofu with roasted tomatoes, toasted bread and veggie sausage for 18 €.

There are also eggs – two eggs prepared as you like and toast. Also mentioned are garnishes (sides) like bacon, potatoes, mushrooms, tomato and baked beans. Additional toppings can be purchased (lobster or smoked salmon).

The last item on the menu is eggs Benedict.

I think if you want to order drinks not with the Continental Breakfast, you would order them from the regular Disneyland Hotel Room Service Menu.

We will continue our series of Disneyland Hotel articles over the coming weeks. We stayed opening night in the Deluxe Room and then we also were added to our friends’ Superior Room. We dined twice at Royal Banquet and once at La Table de Lumière, and have over 5000 photos of the hotel we are still going through! In addition, we have a Disneyland Hotel video playlist.



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