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Review: Disneyland Hotel Deluxe Lounge Tea Time at Disneyland Paris (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

The Disneyland Hotel at Disneyland Paris reopened on January 25th, 2024 after several years closed for a royal reimagining. We booked opening night in a Deluxe room with terrace. Yesterday I posted an article sharing our Disneyland Hotel Deluxe Lounge breakfast experience, and today I am sharing our experience with Tea Time. We visited during Tea Time twice (and once for breakfast).

At this point, anyone reading my series of articles knows we had a lot of challenges with our Deluxe room itself. However, the Deluxe Lounge was overall a great experience – especially with it being the first day of the Disneyland Hotel reopening.

First, here is our video that includes Tea Time and breakfast in the Disneyland Hotel Deluxe Lounge.

And here is our review and a look at the offerings for Tea Time when we visited. A few of the photos are the same as our breakfast article, but most are not.

The Deluxe Lounge is in this hallway that includes the Royal Collection Boutique.

The signage says “D Lounge”.

There is a podium at the front of the lounge, often staffed by a Cast Member who will verify guests for entry.

Disneyland Hotel at Disneyland Paris Deluxe Lounge sign - "D Lounge"

We were given this information with hours for the Deluxe Lounge. From 7:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. was breakfast. Table service drinks were from 11:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. There is no grab and go, the cold drinks are served in bottles.

Tea Time is listed here at 4:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. but verbally we were told it ended at 6:00 p.m. Times are subject to change.

The view out of the Deluxe Lounge is of Fantasia Gardens. It is a beautiful view – but if you want a Disneyland Park view, you would need to upgrade to Castle Club.

The lounge seating is comfortable.

The Deluxe Lounge menu features two pages of included drinks, and then a cocktail/wine, etc. menu. Unlike club level lounges in America, alcohol is not included. And at the Disneyland Hotel, the cocktails are very expensive. You are paying for location. So lets look at the included drinks.

There is a very nice selection of hot and cold beverages here, including coffee, tea, capuccino, expresso and more.

For cold drinks, there are juices, nectars, sodas, Fuze Tea and water.

Most of these drinks cost upwards of 10 € each in the hotel restaurants, so it does help mitigate costs at the hotel if you want a table service drink experience and utilize the lounge.

I did order tea one time, it is from Betjeman & Barton. This is also the same tea as in the room. The coffee, tea and hot chocolate (and other items) are high quality.

Jeff ordered a hot drink that included Mickey clock stencil art.

I also ordered hot chocolate several times. I was told by a server it is a Lavazza brand (which surprised me since Monbana is used in the rooms and at other club level locations).

There are nectars from Alain Milliat to choose from, and they were popular with our group.

We visited Tea Time both days. Most of these photos are from our second visit, we arrived early before a La Table de Lumière reservation, so we couldn’t partake too much.

Most of the food items are served small. That includes jars of avocado and tomato tartare with prawns.

There was a tomato hummus.

Small sandwiches were on a plate to enjoy. These include a chicken, hard boiled egg and salad sandwich.

There were jars of tuna.

There were a couple of types of gazpacho.

Small jars of Caesar salad were nearby.

I enjoyed this pasta salad.

There were lentils, baby vegetables and Orleans mustard.

Guests will be drawn to some of the dessert offerings.

Three desserts were shown as full sized cakes, with smaller, similar desserts in front of them.

One dessert was Rapunzel themed. And actually, I have no idea what any of them are since there were no signs.

This dessert looks to be Princess Tiana themed.

This was a dessert I had twice, it is softer than it looks (and so good).

The last dessert is a Princess Aurora themed dessert. If anyone sees them and can photograph the signs (when they are available), I’d love to have the information on each.

There was a Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Custard Tart.

Two different types of Madeleines were on offer. One had a chocolate covering and the other maybe framboise? I guess they were still working on signs.

There was a Chocolate Lava Cake with praline.

There were also some hot finger food items on the opposite side.

Included was a vegetable quiche.

There were also croissants out and pain au chocolat. I don’t remember these the first day, maybe these were left over from morning.

It was nice having a variety of fruit as well.

And here is a look at a few of our plates.

This isn’t from Tea Time, but we stopped by for drinks after La Table de Lumière. We received some snacks with our drinks at that time, which we had not before.

There are also small balconies to step outside if you want fresh air or to take some photos.

While not all of our Disneyland Hotel Deluxe experience was deluxe and honestly very disappointing, we were very happy with the Deluxe Lounge and it can be a very nice benefit – especially if you can get a reasonable price on it (versus a Superior room). A similar breakfast costs about 45 €  per person in the Royal Banquet (with no characters), and then the drinks and Tea Time do give a lot of value if you partake in them.

Also, thank you to the Cast Members who brought us our drinks so many times.

We will have much more to share from the Disneyland Hotel. I’ll also write up an article tomorrow with links to all of our on-site Disneyland Hotel articles and videos, and that will continue to expand for a couple of weeks. We not only stayed in the Deluxe room, but our friends had booked a Superior Family room that they added us to and we have that to share as well.