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Disneyland Paris Opens Disneyland Hotel to Non-Reservation Guests Through “Temporary Entry System” With “Limited Access”

Hi everyone –

Disneyland Paris has announced that they will open the Disneyland Hotel to guests without reservations through a “temporary entry system” with “limited access” starting on February 10th, 2024. We stayed at the Disneyland Hotel on January 25th and the hotel has been closed to non-guests since then except for the spa, lunch at Royal Banquet and some guests for My Royal Dream (which is now currently for Disneyland Hotel guests only).

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Read below for more information from Disneyland Paris. And remember, the Disneyland Hotel just reopened two weeks ago and everything is subject to change.

From Disneyland Paris:

To all our fans who are eager to access the hotel without a reservation, we have an update for you! Given the popularity of the recently reopened iconic hotel, for those without a reservation, we will grant limited access through a temporary entry system, available at the hotel front door, as of February 10. We are delighted that non-residents will have the opportunity to visit this royal establishment, while ensuring the safety and a great experience for all.

Please also note that the majority of the Disneyland Hotel Exclusive merchandise range is not time-limited, and we plan to restock the Royal Collection Boutique regularly.

What do you think about Disneyland Paris opening entry to the Disneyland Hotel? I have mixed feelings on it, but have no issue if it is done with just a small group of guests each day. The princesses were meeting while we were there outside the restaurants at times, so I am not sure if that will still happen now.

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