Anna & Elsa Now Meeting in Epcot’s Royal Sommerhus Inside Norway Pavilion (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

Epcot’s Royal Sommerhus opened last week just ahead of the Frozen Ever After attraction at the World Showcase Norway pavilion, offering guests an opportunity to greet Anna and Elsa in Epcot once again. We actually first met them at Disney’s Hollywood Studios before they arrived to Epcot in 2013, then they moved to Magic Kingdom’s Princess Fairytale Hall for a couple of years and now have a permanent location built for them here. This meet & greet is based on an actual historic log cabin in Norway.

We visited Epcot a lot last week, mostly due to the Norway additions.

On this day, the Royal Sommerhus didn’t seem to exceed the 25 minute wait listed below (we saw it as low as 10 minutes).


This is the exterior of the cabin, but it isn’t an entrance or exit. The home is supposed to be Anna and Elsa’s summer home.

Most of our 25 minute wait was inside, not outside. This is the outside portion of the queue (there is also an extended queue area, which I’ve never seen yet in use).

Guests head underneath here.

And the door to get inside is just to the right.

I won’t be showing a lot of the interior, there are a ton of details and I really enjoyed looking around.

There are a variety of light fixtures, and designs on the ceilings.

This is a table cloth/runner.

Anna and Elsa dolls are seated on this box. You need to look past a stairway to see them, they aren’t obvious.

Here is the stairway (the dolls are to the right).

This is a nod to Maelstrom, the attraction which Frozen Ever After replaced.

A tapestry hangs on the wall.

Musical instruments fill this room.

There is also a fireplace.

There are a number of tapestries throughout the cabin.

It didn’t take long to arrive at this room, where we waited to meet Anna and Elsa.

Here is our video of the meet and greet, as well as more photos below.

Anna is first up, and she has a different background (and carpet) than her sister.

A desk separates them.

This is Anna’s carpet.

One last view of Anna before heading over to meet Elsa.

Elsa’s background is a wintry one.

Her carpet also matches that theme.

This is a really nice meet and greet experience, very thoughtfully done.

Here is one last look into the room.

Before finishing the article, here is one of our videos from the new attraction (located in the same pavilion).

A tapestry hangs on the wall outside.

And the meet and greet exits into a gift shop called The Wandering Reindeer. It contains all Frozen merchandise.

This is the shop sign.

And outside, wood for the fireplace is stacked.

There is currently no Fastpass for this experience, I don’t know if that will change. But it is definitely worth waiting for if you are a fan of Frozen.