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A Tour of a “Frozen” Deluxe Room With Terrace in the Disneyland Hotel at Disneyland Paris (Photos, Video)

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I wanted to share a look at the “Frozen” themed Deluxe room #3079 we received during our opening night stay in the Disneyland Hotel at Disneyland Paris on January 25th, 2024 (we booked and paid full price). We were first scheduled to receive a different room earlier in the day after arriving by 8:30 a.m., but around 4:00 p.m. we received this room. We spent very little time in this “Frozen” room, there were issues like a non-working Elsa portrait (we were moved after 8:00 p.m. to a “Sleeping Beauty” Deluxe room).

We still have photos and video to share of this room.

This is the next in our series of articles from our Disneyland Hotel stay at Disneyland Paris. We will eventually top out at up to 30 articles!

First, here is our “Frozen” Deluxe room #3079 video.

The Deluxe wing  was still undergoing some work when we arrived. Hopefully the area is closer to finished now.

Our first look into the “Frozen” room was fine. Just like any other room at the Disneyland Hotel, it is spacious and nicely appointed. I mentioned in my “Sleeping Beauty” room article that it would be nice to have more storage. While most guests here may just be spending a night or two, it would be really nice to have more drawer space and some shelves for function.

Almost everything is brown/gold.

There is a canopy in the Deluxe rooms that lights up and portraits that are supposed to include a touch of magic. We had an Olaf portrait that did work, and an Elsa portrait that did not. The television does give insight on how the portrait should look.

Elsa uses her powers for icy magic.

The ice and snow reach Olaf.

Once you touch the bedside lights, the canopy offers a soft light. From here, you an see the Olaf portrait is lit up where the snowflakes are.

It is a nice effect.

Elsa should be lit up as well.

In the room, there is a mirror that turns into a television.

This “Family” should say the last name of the family in the room.

The screen shows various scenes, including Elsa with Olaf. So it does give an idea of the magic that should be in the room.

There is a small desk for working. The “Tangled” mirror was first revealed in 2021 by Disneyland Paris and a cheaper replica is at the Royal Boutique (when available).

It is a beautiful mirror and the replica is very popular.

There is a Lavazza coffee maker and kettle in a box that opens.

Below it, there is Monbana hot chocolate (one of my favorite hot chocolate brands), Lavazza coffee capsules and Betjeman & Barton tea. It is a nice setup with coffee cups and saucers.

If your refrigerator is empty like ours was, call the front desk and let them know. We should have had a starter set of waters and snacks. I will show those in our next article, which will be a Superior Family room that our friends added us to a couple of days later.

The view was not great in this room. I am not showing the full view, but hopefully there will be good landscaping here soon.


It looks better if you are seated in this direction. We booked the Deluxe room with terrace, which included a small table and two chairs. I thought a terrace sounded nice but didn’t think about it being January (we had snow and some unseasonably warm weather over our two week trip, and everything in between).

Walking back inside, you can see a seat to the left and more seating to the right.

There are various icons in the carpet, including the “Aladdin” lamp.

Cinderella’s slipper is another icon.

The bathroom is large with two sinks and a tub.

The mirror features Sebastian from “The Little Mermaid”.

I thought we might receive upgraded bathrooms amenities in Deluxe, but they are the same as Superior. There is a bottle of lotion and a bar of soap, plus a few other items in the drawer. I love nice bath amenities and these were a bit lackluster for the cost of the room.

A dental set, shower cap and such are in the drawer. Our friends in the Superior Family room received the same items.

There is shampoo, conditioner and shower gel in the shower. This isn’t H20+, and it was fine but not nearly as nice as the Clarins shower I had after swimming in the Crystal Pool.

A toilet is behind a separate door.

You can make a call from the toilet.

There were several bathrobes in the closet. I assume you could purchase them somewhere. We also showed the umbrella (which can be purchased) in our other article.

A shoe mitt and a few other items are here as well.

There are slippers with the Disneyland Hotel logo.

There is a nice set of paper items in the room, including the room service menus for breakfast and then the rest of the day (lunch/dinner/drinks) and more.

This is a look at the setup.

There is a pillow menu. It was so late by the time we had our room that I didn’t even look at it personally. Next time.

My favorite item is this little notebook with Disneyland Hotel pen.

The Disneyland Hotel Deluxe rooms can be pretty well appointed. The first night didn’t work out that way for us, but I was glad a few days later we were able to experience our friends’ Superior Family room, which was ready early with a nice view, waters/snacks and close to the lobby.

We overall enjoyed our visit to the Disneyland Hotel except for the room experience during our one-night Deluxe stay.

Keep reading Mousesteps for more on the Disneyland Hotel at Disneyland Paris!



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